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2018 Bloch Lecturer: Martin Matalon

Martin Matalon

Prize-winning Argentine composer and musician Martin Matalon will visit UC Berkeley in late April and early May for a pair of lectures, rehearsals with the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, and a production of Foxtrot Delirium featuring “The Oyster Princess” by Ernst Lubitsch with UC Berkeley’s adventurous ECO Ensemble.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1958, Matalon received his Bachelor degree in composition from the Boston Conservatory of Music in 1984, and in 1986 his Master’s degree from the Juilliard School of Music. In 1993 he moved to Paris, where he collaborated with IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique Musique). His catalog spans a variety of chamber and orchestral works as well as ballets, operas, and music for films. Mr. Matalon continues his long and prestigious career as a professional composer and conductor and is currently Professor of Composition at the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Dans de Lyon.

“Coming back to CNMAT to work with Ed Campion, David Milnes, the great students, the Eco Ensemble, and the University Symphony Orchestra, completely thrills me,” said Matalon. “Berkeley is one of my favorites cities in the US, I couldn’t be happier to come back to work in such an amazing place!”

Matalon’s first Bloch Lecture on April 27th titled “Composing Across Media: The Music of Martin Matalon,” will explore the composer’s virtuosic approach to crossing instrumentation of different cultures and styles to push boundaries. The second Bloch Lecture slated for May 2 at the Center for New Music and Technology,titled “Music for Instruments & Live Electronics” overviews Matalon’s powerful “Traces” series, will feature a performance of Traces VIII, with violinist Dan Flanagan. On May 4th and 5th the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, led by David Milnes, will perform Matalon’s Lignes de fuite, a 2007 piece that translates to “Lines of Convergence“ in which the composer describes his mission “to reinterpret the concept of a line in space in a way I can exploit the orchestra in its entirety.” The performances will be at Hertz Hall with tickets from $20-5.

On May 6th, UC Berkeley’s ECO Ensemble directed by Milnes brings the cinematic vision of Ernst Lubitsch to life with the US premiere of Matalon’s film score for the director’s “The Oyster Princess.” The 1919 silent comedy of mistaken identities is a satire aimed at the desires and transgressions of the German bourgeoisie. Cal Performances executive and artistic director Matías Tarnopolsky begins the program with an onstage interview of Matalon; following an intermission, the film will be screened to a live performance of the score. The performance will take place at the Zellerbach Playhouse, with tickets $20 each.