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The Berkeley Carillon Institute

The Berkeley Carillon Institute was established in 1982 by Ronald Barnes, Berkeley’s first University Carillonist. The purpose of the Institute is to secure materials related to the carillon and to encourage and publish compositions and arrangements for the instrument. The library of the Berkeley Carillon Institute, a part of the Music Library at the university, houses an extensive collection of published and unpublished works for the carillon, as well as rare books, documents, recordings, photographs, and programs. Special collections include the original UC chime books of Henry Safford King, the complete carillon book of Robert Kleinschmidt and many manuscripts of the important American carillon composers Roy Hamlin Johnson and Gary White.

The Berkeley Carillon Institute also publishes carillon music, available at no cost on the web. You can browse the thematic index of available compositions, then download scores that interest you using your web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader.