Special Studies

The Music Department offers two types of special studies courses:

  • Music 198: Directed-Group Study
  • Music 199: Independent Study

These courses are designed for music students at Berkeley to pursue a study on any music-related topics or explore ideas as an extension of the regular undergraduate curriculum. They are proposed, initiated, and implemented by students under the guidance of a faculty member.

Effective Fall 2015, all students, regardless of their class standing, are eligible in the upper-division version of these courses.


Music 198: Directed Group Study

1-4 units, P/NP. A student-initiated, student-run group study course on a topic or topics in music, such as a DeCal course. Many directed-group study courses in Music are commonly DeCal courses, but not exclusively so.

Facilitating a Music 198 course requires extensive prior planning. Potential student facilitators should begin the planning process in the semester prior and are responsible for securing a faculty sponsor. One resource is the Music Department faculty directory.

In a given semester, student coordinators may not facilitate more than one Music 198; faculty may not sponsor more than one Music 198 per semester.

Student coordinators may not facilitate more than one Music 198 per semester; faculty may not sponsor more than one Music 198 per semester. Students must be registered in the semester they are facilitating the course.

See DeCal Classes for more information on taking or facilitating a DeCal courses.


Music 199: Independent Study

1-3 units, P/NP. A student-initiated, student-implemented program of individual study on a topic or topics in Music.

Enrollment in Music 199 is agreed upon in advance between the student and the faculty sponsor, with the expectation that each unit represent 3 hours of work/week (45 hours/semester). Students should discuss their idea for the independent project and submit a faculty-approved Independent Study Application.