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Carla Shapreau, curator of the Salz Collection

Carla Shapreau joins the UC Berkeley Music Department as Curator of the Ansley Salz Collection of Stringed Instuments

Carla Shapreau, Curator

Carla Shapreau is the new curator of the Salz Collection of Stringed Instruments. She brings to this position a background of violin making, restoration, and service as a Board member and advisor to the non-profit American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers and the Violin Society of America.

Co-author of Violin Fraud — Deception, Forgery, Theft and Lawsuits in England and America, Oxford University Press, Carla Shapreau has written and lectured broadly on topics pertaining to instruments of the violin family and other music-related issues, most recently: “The Plunder and Restitution of Vg: the Nazi Era and its Aftermath, 1940–9,” The Ferrell-Vogüé Machaut Manuscript, Oxford: DIAMM Publications, 2014; “The Austrian Copyright Society and Blacklisting During the Nazi Era,” the OREL Foundation, 2014; “Mastery of the Past,” Symposium: The Vienna Philharmonic 100 Years After the Outbreak of the First World War, Cal Performances, University of California, Berkeley, 2014; “The Loss of French Musical Property During World War II, Post-War Repatriations, Restitutions, and 21st Century Ramifications,” France Berkeley Fund Report, 2013; “The Theft of Culture, Persecution, and the Identity of Wanda Landowska,” The Musical Worlds of Polish Jews, 1920–1960, Identity, Politics, and Culture, Arizona State University, 2013; “A Nazi Violin Still Keeps Its Secrets,” New York Times, September 23, 2012.

In addition, Carla Shapreau is a Lecturer in the School of Law, where she teaches a course on art and cultural property law, including topics pertaining to collection management. She is also a Senior Fellow in the Institute of European Studies, where she is conducting cultural property research in the field of music.