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Program of Study

Graduate students in the history and literature of music take three pro-seminars that introduce various aspects of the field (Music 200A, 200B, and 200C) during the first two years of study. Starting immediately in the fall semester of the first year, and continuing at least through the second year of the program, students also take a full complement of research seminars taught by the musicology faculty. These cover a wide range of historical periods and methodological approaches, and usually culminate in a substantial oral presentation and written paper. The general categories of seminars are listed below, but specific topics change every year, reflecting the research interests of faculty and needs of current students. These seminars can both supply a grounding for material on the masters’ exam and provide opportunities to try out dissertation ideas and draft essays that could later become chapters of the dissertation.

  • 200A: Music Scholarship I
  • 200B: Introduction to Music Scholarship II
  • 200C: Introduction to Ethnomusicology
  • 213: Seminar: Studies in the 16th Century
  • 216: Seminar: Studies in Baroque Music.
  • 217: Seminar: Studies in Classical Music
  • 218: Seminar: Studies in Romantic Music
  • 220: Topics in Music History and Criticism