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Great News for the Global Music Series!

As of this tenth year of publishing textbooks in the field of ethnomusicology, Oxford University’s Global Music Series under the editorship of Bonnie Wade consists of twenty-five volumes, each authored by a specialist of music in some part of the world. Authors affiliated with this Department are featured among them, namely two by Bonnie herself – the framing volume titled Thinking Musically (3rd edition 2013) and Music in Japan (2004), Carnival Music in Trinidad by Shannon Dudley (2004), Music in Bali (2004) by Lisa Gold, Music in North India (2004) by George Ruckert, Music in Central Java (2008) by Benjamin Brinner, Music in Turkey (2011) by Eliot Bates, Music in Korea (2012) by Donna Kwon, and Intertribal Native American Music in the United States by John-Carlos Perea (2014). The good news this year is that the series will continue to grow, and that the subrights group of Oxford University Press has sold Chinese translation rights for the entire series. Oxford editor Richard Carlin, in a congratulatory message, wrote to Bonnie Wade: “This will make the important scholarship from the series available to one of the key growing markets in the world. This is another great development for the series and shows how important it has been in world music scholarship.”