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Delia Casadei

My research focuses on the relationship between voice and politics in Italian 20th-century music. My doctoral thesis examined this relationship by way of Milan in the 1950s-70s. In this way, I investigated a question usually asked about Italian operatic production in the nineteenth century, namely: what is the political role of language—spoken, written, heard, and misheard—in … Continue Reading »

Emily Zazulia

My research focuses on Medieval and Renaissance music—in particular, the intersection of musical style, complex notation, and intellectual history.

Matthew Hough

Matthew Hough (b. 1981) is a composer, guitarist and music scholar based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He relocated to Berkeley, California in 2015 after sixteen years of working in New York City’s eclectic music scene as a composer, performer, teacher and writer. Recent projects include concert music collaborations with pianists Anne Rainwater (Three … Continue Reading »

Ken Ueno

Winner of the 2006-2007 Rome Prize and the 2010-2011 Berlin Prize, Ken Ueno, is a composer, vocalist, improviser, and sound artist.  His music celebrates artistic possibilities which are liberated through a Whitmanesque consideration of the embodied practice of unique musical personalities.

Mary Ann Smart

My work focuses on social dimensions of opera in nineteenth-century Europe. Through various repertoires and critical approaches, the constant in my research is a desire to make sense out of concrete musical elements, by building a lively sense of the settings and mentalities within which the music was originally heard.

Tamara Roberts

I am a scholar, teacher, and artist devoted to exploring the aesthetic, political, and spiritual potential of performance. My research investigates the connections between sound and social identities, centering on marginalized histories of popular and folk music in the Americas.

David Milnes

David Milnes presently serves as music director of the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra and conductor of the Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players.

Nicholas Mathew

Nicholas Mathew

Nicholas Mathew was born in Norwich, in Norfolk, England, and took his first degree at Oxford University, studying the piano concurrently at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

Jocelyne Guilbault

I am an ethnomusicologist and popular music studies scholar teaching at Berkeley since 1999. From 1984 to 1998 I taught at the University of Ottawa. My educational background includes bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Université de Montréal in my native Quebec, Canada, and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.

Myra Melford

Originally from Chicago and classically trained, Myra Melford is a composer with a singular, kinetic, and lyrical voice in piano improvisation.

James Davies

I was born in Cape Town, taking my first degree (majoring in piano performance) at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, the city of my upbringing.

Cindy Cox

Transparent yet multifaceted, Cindy Cox’s compositions synthesize old and new musical designs through linked strands of association, timbral fluctuation, and cyclic temporal processes.  The natural world, ecology, and the concept of emergence inspire