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Andrew Snyder

My research interests lie at the intersection of public festive practices and the articulation of power relations. My dissertation, “Critical Brass: Emergent Alternatives in the Brass Movement and Street Carnival Revival in Olympic Rio de Janeiro” shows how an explosive alternative brass band movement (neofanfarrismo) has transformed from a culturally nationalist revival of carnival traditions in post-dictatorship Brazil into an internationalist and musically eclectic movement self-defined as activist.


Emerging during Rio’s spectacular rise in the first decades of the twenty-first century to hosting the 2016 Olympics, neofanfarrismo has articulated a series of alternatives to the neoliberal governmentality of a global city heavily invested in particular forms of cultural representation. The dissertation probes the possibilities, limits, and contradictions of middle-class alternative culture.

Research Interests: Public Festivity, Urban Studies, Circulation, Activism, Studies of the Popular, Carnival, Brass Band Music, Music in Brazil, Popular Music in the Americas.


Snyder, Andrew (2015). “Cuivres critiques : la musique comme tactique d’action directe dans la baie de San Francisco.” Ed. Jedediah Sklower. Politiques des musiques populaires au XXIe siècle, Guichen: Éd. Mélanie Seteun.


Performance: I am also a trumpeter, guitarist, composer, and co-founder of San Francisco’s Mission Delirium Brass Band, which has toured to Brazil, France, and Spain and performed alongside Rebirth Brass Band, the Soul Rebels, and Kermit Ruffins.


Mission Delirium: Live in Rio (2015)