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Melanie Gudesblatt

Melanie received her BA in Music from Cornell University in 2009 and her MMus from King’s College, London in 2011. She is currently a Candidate for the PhD in Music History and Literature at UC Berkeley.Her dissertation, “Between Noise and Song: The Contested Voice in Opera after Wagner,” argues that transformations to the sound and function of the operatic voice prompted Austro-German writers to radically expand their views of voice and vocal sound around 1900. Her secondary interest in musical theater led to a conference paper on Hamilton and a popular undergraduate course of her own design on the American Musical that she has taught three times. Melanie has been presented her research at the Annual Meetings of the American Musicological Society and German Studies Association, has co-organized a scholarly conference, and has been recognized by UC Berkeley as an Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor.

Presentations & Publications

“Animating Opera after Wagner” To be presented at the conference “Wagner 1900” (Oxford, UK, 2018).

“Giving Soul to a Music Box: Character and Voice in fin-de-siècle Vienna” Presented at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society (Rochester, 2017).

“Perceiving Humanness at the Opera, Vienna 1900” Presented as part of the seminar “Sights and Sounds: Mediating the Senses in German-Speaking Europe” at the Annual Meeting of the German Studies Association (Atlanta, 2017).

Hamilton, History, and Us” Presented at the conference “EZ Music” (Berkeley, 2016).

Elektra and the Ambiguity of the Scream” Presented at the 81st Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society (Louisville, 2015).

“Riots, Revision, and Rupture: Insurrection in Luc Bondy’s Don Carlos” Presented at the conference “Verdi’s Third Century: Italian Opera Today” (New York, 2013).