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Music 150 Performance Courses

1-3 units. Repeatable for credit. Only one 150 class allowed per semester.

A directed program of study open only to music majors by audition, that includes opportunities for large and small music ensembles, piano accompaniment, and private instruction. Private instruction is funded by the music department. The student’s program will be worked out in consultation with the supervising faculty, who will assist students in finding an appropriate private instructor.

150 Series Courses

For course descriptions, please see the Course Catalog.

  • 150A Instrumental Performance
  • 150B Vocal Performance
  • 150C Keyboard Performance
  • 150D Various Musical Practices Performance
  • 150E Jazz Performance
  • 150F Ensemble Work for Keyoard Players
  • 150G Guitar Performance
  • 150H Early Music Performance

Audition Information

See here for audition information.

Application and Enrollment

All students, both those continuing in 150 and those applying for the first time, must submit an online application in the first week of classes (see bulletin board outside Morrison 104 for exact date.)

You will be notified of acceptance into the program via an email from the department office. Upon acceptance, students are to enroll themselves as soon as possible through Telebears.

Individual Program

Supervising faculty will work out individual programs with students at the beginning of the semester. Upon receipt of the confirmation email from the Music office, students should contact their teachers immediately to schedule lessons. Students submit a report of activities under the program at the end of each semester, including their participation in any workshops or performances throughout the semester.


Final grade will be assigned based on the student’s level of participation in ensembles, progress and improvement as demonstrated by performances, and reports by ensemble directors and teachers with whom the student has studied.


See the jury page.

Revised Performance Requirement for the Major

Three semester courses from 140-145, 148-149, and 150A-E as part of the 21 units of upper division major electives.