Program Planning

Below are sample plans of study for music majors who are admitted as freshman or transfer, respectively. Each student’s program will vary based on experience and interest, and the samples listed below are not intended as the only program planning scenario. Students should familiarize themselves with the Music major requirements before making a program plan, and consult the Undergraduate Advisor should any question arise.

Please note that the sample program plan below include only courses required for the major. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with university, campus, and college requirements. Students in the College of Letters and Science, see the L&S Advising Degree Requirement page for more detail and consult their college advisor to address any questions and concerns. Students in other colleges should consult their respective college’s information.

All courses are subject to change every semester. Students must check the Class Schedule for the most up-to-date class offerings in a given semester.

First-Year Students

See the four-year Plan of Study on Berkeley Academic Guide.

Transfer Students

Fall Spring
Course Units Course Units
1st Year 52A 3 52B 3
53A 3 53B 3
70 4 80 4
Perf 2 Perf 2
405 1 405 1
Berkeley Connect 1 Berkeley Connect 1
2nd Year 170(A) 3 130’s/180 4/3
Perf 2 UD Elective 3
UD Elective 3 UD Elective 3
UD Elective 3 UD Elective 3
UD Elective 3



1. The Music Major requires 24 upper-division units in music elective coursework, Music 197, 198, 199, 405, and 410 excluded.