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Stefano Flavoni, BA 2015, Music

Stefano Flavoni (BA, 2015), conducting student of David Milnes and Marika Kuzma and 2015 recipient of the Eisner Prize, has recently begun tenure as conductor of the China National Welfare Institute Children’s Choir, centered in Shanghai.

Stefano Flavoni, UC Berkeley Music Department alumnus

Stefano Flavoni

Though he began his work there in early September, his appointment came this past June after conducting the South Carolina Philharmonic and working with esteemed conducting pedagogues Donald Portnoy and Paul Vermel.

Next month, Stefano will be guest conducting the Berlin Sinfonietta Orchestra in Germany as well as the Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Upcoming engagements include a concert of Brahms’ Volkskinderlieder & Copland’s Old American Songs (Dec. 23rd & 24th) and a new production of Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat (Feb. 2016).