Undergraduate Committee

From Professor Ken Ueno, Chair of the Undergraduate Committee:

The Undergraduate Committee is the forum through which advocacy for change, a legacy of UC Berkeley, is channeled to the Music Department. As the chair of the committee, I work with colleagues, staff, and most importantly, our undergraduate student representatives, to hear students’ concerns and work towards solutions. We also plan special events to promote community and exchange as well as do whatever else is necessary to improve our Music Majors’ experience here.

Morrison Hall houses one of the most unique departments on our campus. We are filled with young, experienced performers, yet we are not a conservatory. Furthermore, many of our students are also impressive intellectuals and pursue double major degrees. This means that students’ experience within the Music Department varies quite a bit, which can pose a challenge in terms of mentorship. As the chair of this committee, I have a special vision to address this issue, and I want to help students begin to answer questions like the following:

  • “What do you want to do after graduation?”
  • “If you don’t know yet, how can we help you decide?”
  • “What resources do you need to be fully prepared for life after graduation?”
  • “If a career in music will not be your main trajectory in life, in what capacity do you see music still serving in your life?”

There is much work to do, but we are continuously striving to help Music students thrive. If you are an incoming or current undergraduate student, please contact us at any time so that we can help you get the most from your experience here.

Professor Ken Ueno
Chair, Undergraduate Committee

Committee Members

Faculty Representatives

Professor Ken Ueno (Chair)
Professor Emily Zazulia

Professor Matthew Hough

Student Representatives

Grady Lai

Grady is a second-year mathematics and music double major at UC Berkeley. In the past, he played baroque violin in the University Baroque Ensemble. He was also recently the principal of the second violin section and one of the conductors of the UC Berkeley Chamber Orchestra. Grady has been a member of the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra since 2015. He is excited to be a new member of the UGC!


Ion Nami Murata

Nami is a third year Music and Asian Studies double-major. She plays flute and piano, and is a member of the Cal Band. She loves listening to musicals, exploring different kinds of music, and experimenting with recipes, and believes that having a satisfied stomach is key to a happy life. She has a passion for education, food, and language. Through UGC, she hopes she can optimize the students’ experiences by enhancing relationships between peers and teachers and making the music department more open and accessible to inspire a wider range of people.


Tara Scown

Tara is majoring in Music and minoring in Conservation and Resource Studies at UC Berkeley. She is graduating this semester and plans to spend the coming year pursuing performance opportunities around the Bay Area. Tara currently sings with the Chamber Chorus at Cal and was also a member of the University Chorus for three semesters. In 2016 she sang in the opera “A Note Before I Go,” which was written and directed entirely by students in Cal Opera Co. She has been a member of the UGC since 2016. She is looking forward to performing in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Yeomen of the Guard with Lamplighters Music Theater Company this coming August, as well as singing a few solo pieces in a noonconcert at UC Berkeley’s Hertz Hall on September, 13th 2017 at noon.


Vicky Lin

Vicky is a fourth-year student double majoring in Music and Mathematics at UC Berkeley. She plays violin in the University Symphony Orchestra, sings as a soprano in the University Chorus, and performs chamber music regularly. She has also had the opportunity to perform vocal solos with the University Chorus and with the University Baroque Ensemble. In addition to being involved in music performance, she has been a musicianship tutor in the Music Department since 2014 and has been a member of the Undergraduate Committee since 2015. In the future, she plans to pursue further studies in vocal performance and, ultimately, aspires towards a life in both performance and pedagogy.


Yvonne Chan

Yvonne Chan is a third year undergraduate studying music and conservation resource studies. At Cal, Yvonne has been involved in the University of California Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Javanese Gamelan, and African Music Ensemble. She is interested in ethnomusicology and the cultural work that music produces within its social context. In her free time, Yvonne enjoys drawing, cooking, and taking her pug on walks.


Staff Representative

Zoe Xu, Undergraduate Advisor


Contact: music.ugc@berkeley.edu