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Advising Resources

  • The Department’s placement examination may be taken on an advisory basis to determine level of placement in the program.
  • For advice on University and College degree requirements, entering students should consult the College of Letters and Science. College Advisors are available at 206 Evans Hall, by phone at (510) 642-1483 or via email at



Undergraduate Degree Program

Advising service is available, by appointment only, for general inquiries about programs of study, and the music major as well as the minor.

Undergraduate Advisor

Zarah Ersoff:
Make an appointment:

For mentoring in your particular area of interest, please contact any pertinent member of the Department faculty.

Note that there is no advising appointment during the first two weeks of instructions. Music majors are required to meet with an advisor once per semester in order to release the Advising Hold for course registration. There is a high demand for advising appointments during the enrollment period. Please plan ahead and schedule your appointment a few weeks prior to your enrollment appointment in order to ensure that you meet with the advisor in a timely manner.