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Commencement 2020

Message from Chair Cindy Cox

Dear Graduates, 

Today we recognize and celebrate you, the class of 2020. Under more gracious circumstances, we would be able to gather together as a community at Hertz Hall and share your commencement with your friends and family. 

Although we cannot be together in person, please take comfort in the knowledge that a community of students, faculty, and alumni are celebrating your commitment and achievements across the globe. Berkeley is a special place, and today you become part of a special group. 

This is a time when we must support each other closely. There are more challenges ahead, and I am confident the class of 2020 will meet them head-on with the brilliance and poise I have seen in each of you. We live in a galvanizing moment.

Even though the date is not set, I am already overjoyed to welcome you all back to campus for our traditional commencement activities. This new disease has introduced anxiety and profound distress in our lives, but joining you and your loved ones at Hertz Hall gives me optimism for the future.

I hope that you and yours are well.

Congratulations class of 2020,

Cindy Cox, Chair



Bachelors of Arts

Sheeler Tiffany Arman

William Bassett

Sergio Cabada

Joel Calderon

Yuxuan Chen

Kristina Delamora Clarke

Christian Cotter

Luke Dzwonczyk

Christina Ge

Jolie Huang

Marianna M. Krumrine

Emily Lin

Lanvi Lu

Ryan Zarir Marawala

Michael Nance

Indu Maria Pereira

Amba Eugenea Raychauduri

Ray Savord

Cailyn Michal Schmidt

Trevor Van De Velde

Colin Whitcomb

Isaac Witte



Edward Jacobson

Dissertation Title: Reading at the Opera: Music and Literary Culture in Early Nineteenth-Century Italy 

Advisor: Mary Ann Smart


Danielle Simon

Dissertation Title: Ecco la radio: Music, media and politics in Fascist Italy

Advisor: Mary Ann Smart


Kendra Van Nyhuis

Dissertation Title: (Dis)connection in the Underground: Intercultural Interaction in South Korean Rock Music

Advisor: Bonnie Wade

Hong-June Park

Dissertation Title: How Music and Shamanism on Behalf of Orangutans Exceed Language

Advisors: Benjamin Brinner, Terrence Deacon


Antonio Juan Marcos Cavazos

Dissertation Title: Paesaggi Corporei (for soprano, archlute, harpsichord and string orchestra)

Advisor: Franck Bedrossian



Michael Nance

Hallie Smith

Sarah Grace Graves


Awards and Prizes for Commencement


Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors

Jeremy Wexler

Rose Ward

James Stone


Nicholas C. Christofilos, Jr. Memorial Prize 

Anne Greenwood

Curtis Rumrill


The Eisner Prize in Music

Ben Harper

Jolie Huang

Emily Lin

James Stone

Trevor Van der Velde


The David & Diana Menn Memorial Prize in the Performing Arts 

William Bassett

Zhi Min Zhao


Departmental Citation & Matthew William Fisher Memorial Award in Music

Isaac Witte


The Nicola DeLorenzo Prize in Music Composition 

Curtis Dahn

Maija Hynninen

James Stone

Hwa-Chan Yu


Austin F. Williams Prize in Piano Performance

Jolie Huang


George Ladd Prix de Paris

Didem Coskunseven

Clara Olivares


Joan C. Reutinger Prize

Iris Wu


Mary Nuñes Souza Prize

Robert Hurley


Bernece B. Lyon Memorial Prize

Emily Lin


Musical Theater Prize

Vince Marie Cuison

From the Class of 2020

Graduate Students Saraswathi Shukla, Danni Simon, and Edward Jacobson

BA Graduate Ryan Marawala with the UC Jazz combo from the 2018-2019 school year, taken at their end-of-the-semester concert last Spring

Simon and Jacobson in Scotland