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EZ Music Conference: Interdisciplinary perspectives

Nell Cloutier and Melanie Gudesblatt

Nell Cloutier (top) and Melanie Gudesblatt (bottom) are PhD candidates in Music History and Literature.

March 11 – 13, 2016
Elkus Room, 125 Morrison Hall, UC Berkeley campus

Nell Cloutier (dissertation topic: the reception of early 19th-century Italian opera in Paris and London, focusing on celebrity cultures, consumption of repetitive novelties, and social geography) and Melanie Gudesblatt, PhD candidates in Music History and Literature, co-produced a conference sponsored by the Department of Music that introduced interdisciplinary perspectives to the study of quotidian or “easy” music”: simple, generic, kitschy, or trivial music, usually for amateur performers or listeners.

EZ Music Conference link

EZ_MusicPt2They brought together humanities graduate students from UCB and leading scholars from around the world to develop strategies for integrating musical discussion of these easy repertoires into social frameworks. This conference took place across three days and provided valuable opportunities for the presentation of research and informal discussion about the ideas and methodologies explored.

Emanuele Senici, Sapienza – Università di Roma; Mitchell Morris, University of California, Los Angeles

Mary Ann Smart, University of California, Berkeley; Joseph Lavery, University of California, Berkeley; Charles Kronengold, Stanford University; Rachana Vajjhala, University of California, Berkeley, 510-863-1604