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"Heartz" for Heartz

In his article “The Heartz: A Galant Schema from Corelli to Mozart” (Music Theory Spectrum, 2014), John A. Rice (Ph.D, 1987) proposed that a voice-leading schema ubiquitous in eighteenth-century music be named after his former teacher.

Rice writes in his abstract, “Daniel Heartz has called attention to passages in eighteenth-century music with subdominant harmony over a tonic pedal, which convey a sweetness and tenderness characteristic of a certain strain of the galant style. These passages can be described as elaborations of a voice-leading schema in which a melody moves from the fifth scale degree to the sixth and then returns to the fifth, over a bass that sustains the first scale degree. I call this schema “the Heartz” and demonstrate how composers from Corelli to Mozart used it as an opening gambit and a riposte in vocal and instrumental music.”