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Desmond Sheehan

Research interests
music and secularity, sacred romantic music, urbanism, media history

Personal statement
As a native Californian I received my undergraduate degree (B.Mus. Piano Performance, 2014) from UC Irvine, and a graduate degree (M.A. Music History and Literature, 2016) from Berkeley. At Irvine I studied under Nina Scolnik, minored in philosophy, and performed regularly across southern California. 

I have abiding interests at the juncture of music, religion, and the city. My current research tries to provide a fresh look at sacred/secular binaries in German romantic music via its institutions, print media, and moral philosophies. My dissertation, Sacred Harmonies: Music and Religion in Berlin 1760–1840, considers the ways music and religion became parallel categories of modern knowledge, arguing for their simultaneous and mutually-dependent emergence.

Graduate Student Reader: Beethoven (Mus 128), Popular Music After WWII (Mus 128)
Graduate Student Instructor: Introduction to Western Music (Mus 27)
Instructor of Record: Musicianship II (Mus 20B), Music and Religion in Western Cultures (Mus 128)