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Richard Crocker

As his retirement project, Richard recorded himself singing the entire early (tenth-century) repertory of Gregorian chant. Richard, also Hunter Hensley, Rachel Carson, and Adeline Mueller (Berkeley PhD in music), each singing solo, sang and recorded some 600 chants (all Roman Mass Propers) of the early repertory of Gregorian Chant, with close attention to the “nuance” notation of the earliest sources, as available in the Graduale Triplex (Solesmes 1979) and studied in the most recent research. His recordings can be heard at

Publications (with McGraw-Hill, University of California Press, Oxford University Press, Yale University Press, Ashgate):

  • A History of Musical Style
  • Listening to Music, with Ann Basart
  • The Early Medieval Sequence
  • Introduction to Gregorian Chant
  • The Early Middle Ages (New Oxford History of Music II, with David Hiley et al.)
  • edited The Aquitanian Kyrie Repertory of the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries, by David A. Bjork

Articles: “The Troping Hypothesis,” “Rhythm and Meter,” “Matins Antiphons at St. Denis,” “Hermann’s Major Sixth,” “Discant, Counterpoint, and Harmony.”

Performances on compact discs:

Sounds from Silence with Anne Draffkorn Kilmer (“the “oldest song in the world”)
Richard Felciano, “Responsory” (1992) for solo male voice and live electronics