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Berkeley Nu Jazz Collective & JIM

The Berkeley Nu Jazz Collective

The Berkeley Nu Jazz Collective, an advanced small ensemble of improvisers, explores a range of repertoire including music by innovative jazz composers of the 1960s – today, as well as original student compositions and arrangements through conventional and experimental practices.

The Jazz and Improvised Music Initiative (JIM)

Under the direction of Myra Melford, JIM was created by and for UC Berkeley music students. Its primary purpose is to support studies in jazz and contemporary improvisational music. JIM strives to increase the number of concerts, master classes and coaching sessions with world-class musicians, to provide new instruments and audio equipment, along with establishing an endowment. JIM allows students to study, perform and collaborate on a variety of approaches to improvisational music by creating a thriving community of musicians. Since its founding in 2009, JIM has created the Berkeley Nu Jazz Collective, which recorded a CD of original student compositions at Fantasy Studios, produced an innovative collaboration between improvisers in food and in music, presented master classes with drummer Allison Miller, guitarist Nels Cline, and the progressive jazz super-group Kneebody, among others, and held concerts with renowned musicians Denny Zeitlin, Taylor Eigsti, Matt Wilson, Mark Dresser, Art Lande, Paul McCandless, Ben Wendel, Dan Tepfer and Michael Formanek.

JCIME performing at Cal Day


The Berkeley Nu Jazz Collective and JIM are open to non-enrolled students and community members, as well as enrolled students, but everyone must audition or be admitted by consent of the instructor. Regular attendance at weekly rehearsals and participation in public performances is required.

Audition Information

Audition information for all performance opportunities in the Music Department.

Sound Clips

Credits for sound clips:

Theme For Odwalla clip 1,
composed by Roscoe Mitchell,
arr. by Arnaud Casenave and Yanik Jayaram.
Performed on 4.13.07 (noon concert, Hertz Hall) by
Zebulah Baldwin (guitar); Andrew Baltazar (tenor sax, flute); Nick Broten  (tenor sax); Arnaud Casenave  (trumpet); Kirk Danielson  (piano); Karl Alfonso Evangelista (guitar); Yanik Jayaram  (drums); Gary Johnson  (bass)
Joyce Kwon (voice); James Riotto (bass); Kurt Ruppel (trombone); Amy Shen (alto sax, flute)

Theme for Odwalla, clip 2
(same as above)

Fallen Leaves Gather
composed by Jason Levis (graduate student)
performed on May 2, 2008 by
Marié Abe – accordion; Zeb Baldwin – guitar; Eliot Bates – oud; Ryan Cabrera – drums; Alexis Champsaur – piano; Bill Chen – flute; Jesse Engel – guitar; Celia Harris – violin; Dina Maccabee – violin; Joyce Kwon – voice; Lawrence Lee – piano; Heather Frasch – flute

17 Fat Chefs
composed by Marié Abe (graduate student)
performed by
Marié Abe, accordion; Charles Ferris, trumpet; Lisa Mezzacappa, double bass; Jason Levis, drums

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