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Undergraduate Composers Club

No course credit
Club meets every other Wednesday from 4-6pm in Morrison 135.
Composers are encouraged to bring their pieces and workshop them with their peers to get feedback from players and ideas and comments from other composers.
Club email is


Anyone who is interested in playing and performing new music is welcome. The end of semester concert in Hertz Hall features many diverse styles.


The club was (re)started by undergrad composer James Sharp in the Spring of 2005. He had asked a professor why there wasn’t a club for undergraduate composers to feature their original works and discovered that there had been one years before but it had died out. With the professor’s encouragement, he contacted fellow interested classmates/composers Mike McClure, Nicolas Rastegar, and James Nolan. The club had its first three concerts at noon as part of the Morrison student recital series.

The first concert was not a success as there were poor performances and only about 20 audience members. Though it was rough, it was also a learning experience that taught them about concert production. The third and last noon concert was a huge success. There were 12 composers, about 30 student performers, and even 2 student conductors (for the larger ensembles). Morrison Hall Elkus Room was completely packed with students and professors lining the aisles. After the last Morrison concert, the club became very visible in the department, resulting in more resources being made available for concerts.

In Fall 2006, anticipating the continued growth in audience, the club had its first evening concert in Hertz Hall. It had a superb turnout, great music, and set the standard for Undergraduate Composers Club concerts to this day. The club continues to thrive as an ever-growing body of music students composes and performs new works in a variety of styles.


Past Performances

December 1, 2008, 8pm, Hertz Hall
Roger Kim, girl named her see-hun
Kai Siedenburg, 555
Garrett Wellenstein, Scherzo for String Quartet
Jonathan McGeachen, Nocturne No.1 in b minor
Wendy Su, I. ghastly unfocused anger II. The Flutter
Helen Palmer, A step in the right direction
Zach Hejny, String Quartet, mvt. I. Ficol
Keith Avelino Hernandez, Tea Party (with spoken text by Lewis Carrol)
Gabrielle Angeles, Mimicry
Gabo Zepeda-Hernandez, Noam Chomsky for live electronics and voice
Robert Cheifetz, What Change: CA, November 4, 2008
Yonatan Landau, Improv

May 4, 2008, 8pm, Hertz Hall
Wendy Su, The Transformation of Saúl Zuratas, I. Machiguenga, II. El Hablador
Yotam Mann, I Lost the Game
Keith Avelino Hernandez, Tash
Jose Hernandez, Hold on to your Memories
Daniel Leon-Reveles, As The Sun Sets
John Barros, Nolite Flere Super Me (Luke 23:28) “Do Not Weep For Me”
Amy Li, How Deep
Robert Cheifetz, Fuck Them for Being Beautiful, Dedicated to a majority of things in life
Lani Allen, Mourning Woodside
Bradley Voelker, Motorbreath

November 9, 2007, 8pm, Hertz Hall
Perry Johnson, The Aegean
Lawrence Lee, Humoresque
Andrew Levy, Prima
Lani Allen, Cloud Birds & Sans La Nuit
Wendy Su, Did You Say or Pray?
Bradley Voelker, Muesli
Robert Cheifetz, Telling Sign movement I
John Barros, Non mea veluntas sed tua fiat
Keith Hernandez, Geese
Lawrence Lee, A Dream Within a Dream, Text by Edgar Allen Poe
Jared Redmond, Vapeurs

April 27, 2007, 8pm, Hertz Hall
Austin Yip, Stooge
Lawrence Lee, Lamentation
Everett D. Chan, “Light” Variations, Op. 3
Ryan Miyakawa, Gongjoo’s Escape
John Barros, Willow Tree
Jung Hwan Jung, Two Pieces for Three Players
Perry Johnson, Descent
Michael John McClure, No Greater Evil Than Ignorance
McClure, Natura: Suite in Two Movements, Monsoon, The Calm
Jared Redmond, Cairn
Robert Cheifetz, Menage
Jocelyn Yeon Koo, Reminiszenz
Bradley Voelker, Syntaxtyk Stakks
Chu-Lan Kao, Homeland Lullaby

December 4, 2006, 8pm, Hertz Hall
Austin Yip, Practice Room
John Barrows, Shadow’s Dance & Abreeze
Ryan Miyakawi, Gongjoo’s Seduction
Mike McClure, Redwing Blackbird, Dance of the Dodo & Upon a Twilight Bearing
Jared Redmond, Nocturne in two movements for viola and piano, I. Nervous, sick, II. Doloroso
Ciara Sanker, Winter Is Only a Small Sadness
Nicholas Rastegar, The Beast Within
Keith Hernandez, Meese
James C. Sharp, Sketches on breath
Perry Johnson, Áedán’s Dream
Chu-lan Kao, Kyrie
Eric Frederic, Gradient vs. Drone for small ensemble