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Fall 2020 Auditions

You have two options to submit an audition, both of which will be equally considered and do not offer any inherent advantage over the other. These options exist to accommodate various players’ technological resources, performance space schedules, time zones, and personal preferences. Auditions are due by midnight on Friday, August 28. Afterward, some auditions may be accepted on a rolling basis.

Both options require that you submit a PDF copy of your prepared repertoire. You can use a free smartphone app such as Genius Scan (iOS/Android) to scan your music and save it as a PDF file.

Option 1

Perform your audition live over Zoom.

Upon submitting your Audition Form, you will be taken to a bCal page where you can schedule a date/time with the instructor.

The Zoom call will be private with just you and the instructor. Please note that the playing portion of the call will be recorded. You may receive a copy of the recording if you wish.

(Note: Be sure you are signed in with your account. The bCal link will not work with a personal account.)

Option 2

Upload a video recording of your audition.

The video must be recorded in a single take. Be sure to test for good sound/lighting. You may use a smartphone, laptop, or any other device with a good camera and microphone.

Recording Instructions:

  1. Introduce yourself (name, instrument, year in school and major, and any other pertinent information you wish to share).
  2. Play your scales.
  3. Play your prepared repertoire.

*Please name your file Firstname_Lastname_Instrument_Fa20

When you have the following items, please use the link below to submit your audition information.

  1. PDF file(s) of your prepared repertoire
  2. Your video file (if you are uploading your audition).

Fall 2020 Audition Form (Submit/Schedule) (link)

Playing Requirements (PDF)

(Please allow allow 5-45 minutes to fill out this form and upload your files, depending on your internet connection.)

Audition Results

Results will be emailed out once all auditions have been heard.

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