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UC Berkeley Professor Richard Taruskin Honored at Oberlin

Richard Taruskin, Professor of Musicology at UC Berkeley, will receive an honorary degree from Oberlin College & Conservatory for his significant contributions to music research and writing. As a music critic, professor, writer, and historian, his immensely remarkable career has been distinguished and multifaceted.

He is no stranger to making waves in the classical music and arts community as he regularly writes for publications such as the New York Times and the New Republic. As a writer Taruskin is revered for creating the six-volume Oxford History of Western Music, but has also enjoyed success for numerous books and essays that have been published by Princeton University Press, Oxford University Press, and more.

His music education spans back to his studies at the New York High School of Music and Art. Following high school he attended Columbia University where he studied Russian and music. After earning a Ph.D. in historical musicology he taught at Columbia prior to transferring to UC Berkeley in 1986.

Professor Taruskin is set to receive his honorary degree at Oberlin College Commencement/Reunion Weekend (May 24-27).