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About Our Undergraduate Offerings

The Department of Music grants a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Music and also a minor in Music. The department is dedicated to a liberal education in the Arts and Humanities and introduces students to a wide variety of music practices in performance, music composition and technology, theoretical and creative studies, and historical and cultural studies. The curriculum is responsive to the interests of a diverse student body and offers a broad and flexible program.

The major offers pre-professional training for the student seeking a career in music, and also can provide a lasting source of enrichment for students with other career goals.  A large number of double majors in the department represent such diverse fields as computer science, psychology, molecular and cell biology, physics, economics, English, and business administration, to name a few.

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Music Faculty Juan David Rubio RestrepoProspective students must apply for admission to the University of California Berkeley by November 30th for the following academic year. The website for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is http://students.berkeley.edu/admissions/ and has information on both freshman and transfer admissions. 

Non-California residents may phone or FAX the Admissions Office:
(510) 642-3175 (U.S. citizens)
(510) 642-1225 (International students)
(510) 642-7333 FAX

Since applicants are admitted to the College of Letters and Science and not to a specific department, entrance auditions are not part of the admissions process. Recordings and special talent supplement submissions are not accepted nor considered by the department.

Catalog information is available at http://guide.berkeley.edu/undergraduate/degree-programs/music/.

Applicants who have already earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university cannot apply for undergraduate admission to the College of Letters and Science. One option is to enter the field of Music at the graduate level. Please review Music Department Graduate Studies and email musicgradadvisor@berkeley.edu if you have any questions.


For guidance on University and College degree requirements, entering students should consult the College of Letters and Science for appointments and advice. College advisors are available for online and in-person appointments, and the virtual front desk is a great place to ask quick questions.

Speak to Our Undergraduate Advisor

Advising is available, by appointment only, for general inquiries about programs of study, and the Music major as well as the minor.

    Undergraduate Advisor:  MusicAdvising at berkeley.edu

Appointments are scheduled up to two weeks in advance on Tuesdays 10-12noon; 1-4pm; Thursdays 10-12noon; 1-4pm; and Fridays 10-12noon.

Make an appointment for a Zoom, phone, or in-person meeting: https://calendly.com/ucbmusicadvising

For mentoring in your particular area of interest, please contact any pertinent member of the Department faculty.

Music majors are required to meet with an advisor once per semester. There is a high demand for advising appointments during the enrollment period, so please plan ahead and schedule your advising appointment a few weeks prior to your enrollment appointment.

Major Declaration & Department Forms

Major Declaration Procedure

In order to declare the Music Major, prospective students must:

  1. Review Music major requirements and ideally, attend the Undergraduate Orientation at the beginning of each semester.*
  2. Submit the Intent to Declare the Music Major (the Music Major Application).
  3. Draft a digital program plan. See the Academic Guide and this spreadsheet for sample transfer and four-year plans.
  4. Schedule a meeting with the Undergraduate Major Advisor to finalize your program plan and declare the major.

*An Undergraduate Orientation is held once before the beginning of each semester. The orientation reviews important information such as major requirements, program planning, private lessons, major resources, and student life. It is imperative that prospective music majors make every possible effort to attend.

Major Declaration Timeline:

The Department encourages intended majors to declare as early as possible to be eligible for priority enrollment in Music major classes, private lessons, free practice room access, and other benefits that come with declaring the Music major. Generally, students who were admitted as freshman are expected to declare within a maximum of two years; transfer students are expected to declare by the end of their first semester.

If all declaration requirements are satisfied in… Decision will be available by
Fall semester Usually January of the following year
Spring semester Usually June
Summer semester Usually September