UC Berkeley Philharmonia Orchestra

UC Berkeley Philharmonia Orchestra

Continuing the tradition of more than 100 years of orchestra performances

Background image: The UC Berkeley Philharmonia Orchestra performs

Philharmonia Orchestra Information

Tom Green, Noam Alisha, Jennifer Liu, Conductors

Course Number: Music 141, Section 2

Rehearsal Schedule: Wednesdays, 8-10pm, Hertz Concert Hall

The UC Berkeley Philharmonia Orchestra (UCBPO) is one of two full sized orchestras in the music department. Founded in 2008 by Alexander Kahn and Henry Shin as a conducting lab orchestra, the orchestra has seen enormous transformation over the years. Now with almost a hundred members, the UCBPO has gained a reputation as a powerful and exciting musical force on campus, performing music from the classical era to today. The orchestra is directed by the assistant conductors of the UCBSO, under the close guidance of music director David Milnes.

A student performing in the UC Berkeley Philharmonia OrchestraParticipation

The philharmonia orchestra is open to non-enrolled students and community members, as well as enrolled students, but everyone must audition. Regular attendance at weekly rehearsals, and participation in public performances is required. The Philharmonia performs several concerts in Hertz Hall each semester, usually one noon concert and 1-2 evening concerts per semester, and sometimes at Cal Day.


Auditions for the UC Berkeley Philharmonia Orchestra and Music 168A (private lessons for music majors) take place at the beginning of each semester. Please refer to the Audition Requirements for more details.

Course Number: Music 141, Section 2. The UC Berkeley Philharmonia Orchestra is offered every semester, every year. See the class schedule(link is external) for more registration information. Membership is open to Berkeley students and community musicians.

Rehearsals: Wednesdays, 8:00-10:00pm, Hertz Concert Hall

Audition Overview

Audition information for all performance opportunities in the Music Department.

Philharmonia audition requirements.

Auditions take place each semester shortly before classes begin. For further information, please contact current Philharmonia Conductor, Thomas Green at greent@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail).

The UC Berkeley Philharmonia Orchestra performs