Advising Resources

For guidance on University and College degree requirements, entering students should consult the College of Letters and Science for appointments and advice. College advisors are available for online and in-person appointments, and the virtual front desk is a great place to ask quick questions.


Undergraduate Degree Program

Advising is available, by appointment only, for general inquiries about programs of study, and the Music major as well as the minor. We are currently in the process of filling the Undergradute Advisor role. Please email the address listed below and we'll do our best to address your concerns.

    Undergraduate Advisor

    Contact:  MusicAdvising at (please note: this account will be lightly monitored until a new Undergraduate Advisor is hired)

For mentoring in your particular area of interest, please contact any pertinent member of the Department faculty.

Please note than until a new Undergraduate Advisor is hired, undergraduate advising appointments are on hold. 

For those interested in pursuing a Music major, some advising is available through the College of Letters & Science.

For those with urgent departmental needs, please contact Mark Shaw at