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Commencement Spring 2022

5/15/22 | 1:30 p.m.



Penultimate Semester Before Graduating Semester:

Students should:

  • Review their academic record for any outstanding requirements; you may wish to run a degree audit report in CalCentral
  • Complete a degree check with major advisor Zarah Ersoff to ensure that all major requirements will have been met;
  • Complete a degree check with Letters and Science advisors to ensure that all college and university requirements will have been met.


2014 Commencement Ceremonies

Graduating Semester:

Follow instructions on the Letters & Science Advising website about declaring candidacy.

Follow instructions provided by the Undergraduate Advisor via email to register for the spring Music Department Commencement Ceremony.



The Music Department Commencement Ceremony is held once every year in the spring. Commencement typically takes place in Hertz Hall on the second or third Saturday or Sunday in May beginning at noon with a concert by the Eisner Prize recipients. After conferral of graduate and undergraduate degrees, there will be a reception in the lobby of Hertz Hall. See the Academic Calendar for the exact date of Commencement.

The commencement registration period begins on January 31 and ends on the first Monday of April, at noon. Students must register by the deadline in order for their name to appear in the program. Instructions will be provided by the Undergraduate Advisor via email when the registration period begins.

Official graduation is not the same as commencement ceremonies.It is not necessary to place yourself on a degree list in order to participate in that term’s commencement. If a student plans to complete their degree requirements in a Summer or Fall semester, s/he may “walk” in the ceremony in the preceding Spring semester; if a student plans to graduate in a Fall semester, s/he may choose to attend the ceremony held in the preceding Spring semester or the following one. Each student may participate in the department commencement ceremony only once. For each commencement ceremony, eligible participants are:

  • Degree recipients in the current Spring semester
  • Degree recipients in the Summer semester that immediately follows
  • Degree recipients in the immediately-preceding Fall semester, who did not participate in the previous year’s commencement
  • Degree recipients in the immediately-following Fall semester, but they will not be eligible to participate in the next year’s commencement

Students must register and purchase tickets for the university commencement separately.