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Anne Greenwood

Anne Greenwood is a PhD student in ethnomusicology, originally from Terrace, British Columbia.  She completed a BMus in Orchestral Instrument Performance and an MA in Ethnomusicology at the University of British Columbia before starting the PhD program at the University of California, Berkeley in 2018. During her time in Vancouver, Anne performed in a wide range of musical ensembles and conducted fieldwork in northeast Thailand.

Anne’s dissertation project will examine the sonic practices associated with nat worship, an animist practice found in Myanmar, in in relation to questions about reproduction and cultural transmission. In doing so, this project seeks out the ways that the audible work of relating to human and non-human figures intersects with localized expectations regarding care and reproductive labor.

Her other research interests include world music distribution and circulation, listening practices and other-than-human listeners, and cultural sustainability policy.

Conference Presentations:

2019    “Sound on Screen: Digital Representations of Myanmar Music,” ICTM World Conference, Bangkok, 11-17 July

2016    “Analysis from Afar: Finding Structure in the Music of Nat Pwe,” Society for Ethnomusicology Northwest Region Meeting, Eugene, 20 February

2016    “The Khaen and I: Permission, Place, and Performance” UBC Graduate Student Conference for Southeast Asia Research, Vancouver, 14-15 April

2014    “10 Pesewas: The Cost and Effects of Music Education,” Society for Ethnomusicology Northwest Region, Vancouver, 1 March

2013    “Unwrapping Meaning: and why collaborative analysis matters,” Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, 14-17 November

2013    “Unwrapping Meaning: and why collaborative analysis matters,” University of Alberta Music Graduate Student Conference, Edmonton, 22-24 March


Music 26AC – Music in American Cultures

Music 20A – Basic Musicianship