Brian Bond

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Music of India
Brian Bond received his PhD in ethnomusicology from The Graduate Center, City University of New York. His current ethnographic monograph project Singing Islam: Sindhi Sufi Music, Affect, and Interreligious Relations in the India-Pakistan Borderlands builds on a year and a half of research with performers of Sindhi-language Sufi music in Kachchh, Gujarat between 2014-2018, including vocal study in the kāfī and shāh jo rāg genres. In 2022, he conducted additional research in Sindh, Pakistan, where he also received the Shah Latif Award from the Government of Sindh’s Culture Department. Brian is currently an ACLS fellow and has received research and writing fellowships from the Social Science Research Council, the Institute for Citizens and Scholars, the American Institute of Pakistan Studies, and the Society for Asian Music.