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Caitlin Belem Brown Romtvedt

Caitlin Belem Brown Romtvedt is a MA/PhD candidate in Ethnomusicology.  Born and raised in Buffalo, Wyoming, she grew up in a Basque community in a musical family.  After high school, she spent a year in Brazil as a Rotary exchange student, which sparked an enduring interest in Brazilian music, dance, and society.  At Oberlin College, she graduated with a Latin American studies major and a dance minor.  Since then, she has spent extensive time in Brazil, Cuba, and the Basque Country and has made a living teaching and performing Brazilian and Latin music, Basque music, and North American music with the groups Maracujá, Ospa! and Modern Bygones.

Caitlin’s research interests include Capoeira Angola and its evolution within the globalized capitalist world; Afro-Brazilian music, dance, and identity; and the social and political roles of music and dance throughout the Basque Country and the Basque Diaspora.