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Collin Ziegler

Collin’s dissertation focuses on music’s relationship to written text. As a material, technology, and philosophical category, text connects musicologists to developments in other disciplines and provokes new understandings of music’s place in Western culture and scholarship. By focusing on a particular historical moment—Paris from 1870 to 1930—Collin investigates how a philosophy of self, meaning, and writing evolved into a dominant discourse renewing and complicating our attention to text. This discourse, embracing questions of language, expression, and communicability, adopted music as a philosophical topos while simultaneously inspiring composers, performers, and critics to rethink their relationships to music. Collin recently presented a paper titled “Opera and Trees” at the 5th Transnational Opera Studies Conference in Lisbon. Outside of the Music Department, Collin works as House Manager for Cal Performances Front of House and plays saxophone, clarinet, and piano.


B.A., Liberal Arts, St. John’s College (Annapolis, MD) (2017)

M.M., Musicology, Peabody Conservatory at the Johns Hopkins University (2020)