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Eda Er

Eda Er, a native of Istanbul is a composer, sound artist, and singer, currently based in Berkeley, California. She essentially explores the potential of physicality and narrativity in her music. She enjoys collaborating with dancers, actors, visual artists and improvising with electronics and voice.

In 2011, She earned her first Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Marmara University. Through those years, she was attending part-time music theater studies at the conservatory and had the experience to work as an actress and singer in various theaters in Istanbul. Since graduating, the latter being her second Bachelor’s degree in Music from Istanbul Bilgi University in 2017, She has participated in several festivals, workshops, and exhibitions around Europe and Turkey. She was the resident composer and sound designer at Theater Ikincikat in Istanbul through her bachelor years where she had the chance of collaborating with different theater, dance, and visual art groups as a composer and a performer. After completing an MA degree in Composition at Istanbul Technical University in 2021, She is currently pursuing her PhD studies in composition at UC Berkeley. She has had the pleasure to work as a composer with notable groups, musicians, organizations, and ensembles including Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Hermes Ensemble, Vertixe Sonora, Kugoni Trio, Hezarfen Ensemble, Atlas Ensemble, Ensemble Suono Giallo, Nordic Trombone Quartet, Christine Cornwell, Tom Collier, IKSV International Theater Festival, Gaudeamus Festival, Festival Mixtur, Mamut Art Project, Ikincikat, Clout Theater and A corner in the world. She has studied composition through the institutions mentioned above with Tolga Tüzün, Reuben De Lautour, and Jeremy Woodruff as her principal teachers. She had individual composition lessons from Wim Henderickx and had masterclasses with Chaya Chernowin, Rand Steiger, Mike Svoboda,Joel Bons, Stefano Gervasoni, and Laurie San Martin. She is the co-founder and artistic director of which is an Istanbul-based collective working on improvisation and transdisciplinary music projects. Besides composing and producing, she performs with her music duo Esse, with Ensemble and solo as a singer and electronic musician. Currently, she has two released albums where she composed and performed that can be found on digital streaming platforms.