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Jonathan Turner

Ph.D. Candidate in Ethnomusicology with a Designated Emphasis in New Media.

My research focuses on relationships between musicians, makers, and instrument-repair-technicians in California, USA and São Paulo, Brazil. I investigate how the creative processes of both musicians and those who make and maintain their instruments are influenced by economics, climate change, pedagogical structures, automation, and cultural politics of technology.

Raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I completed a certificate program in guitar building at Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery (2012). Since then, I have worked as a guitar maker and repair person in San Francisco (2012-2014) and Oakland (2020-2022) and São Paulo (2022-2023). I hold a BA (2017) and MA (2019) in Music from this department. My research has been generously funded by the Fulbright Foundation, Mellon Foundation, Berkeley’s Center for Latin American Studies, and the Berkeley Department of Music.