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Anne Greenwood

Anne Greenwood is a PhD student in ethnomusicology originally from Terrace, British Columbia, Canada. She completed a BMus in orchestral instrument performance (French horn) before conducting research on popular music and technology in Ghana and Thailand during her MA in ethnomusicology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Her dissertation will use the saung … Continue Reading »

Sarah Grace Graves

Houston performer-composer SARAH-GRACE GRAVES seeks to reclaim intimacy as something powerful and power as something intimate. Her music explores the experience of sound as it moves, in relation to itself and to the listener. In spring 2018 she created Aeolia, a site-specific work for five sopranos, for Josiah McElheny’s installation Island Universe. She premiered it with Sarah Bauer, … Continue Reading »

Hallie Smith

Hallie Smith (b. 1995)  is a musician based in Berkeley, California. Her research is oriented towards building soft circuits/sensors, coding, installations, and emotional music. Hallie’s music has been featured in festivals such as the Yellow Barn Young Artists’ Program, Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice, the SPLICE Institute, and the Valencia International Performance Academy. Previous … Continue Reading »

Jonathan Turner

Jonathan is interested in the ways technology alters musician’s views of their own authorship. Technology is forcing, with increasing might, creative people to examine their own authority and agency.  He argues for a musicology of interfaces which seeks to understand human interaction with technology more broadly.

Curtis Rumrill

The music of Curtis Rumrill explores the intersection of literary form and modern chamber music. His works with writer, naturalist and visual artist Webberly Ebberly Finnich (née Zachary Webber) tell folk-like tales of animals in desperate or violent predicaments. He is also the composer of instrumental chamber music with and without electronics, works for tape, … Continue Reading »

Clara Olivares

Clara Olivares (b. 1993) is a Franco-Spanish composer. After studying the piano at the Conservatory of Strasbourg, she entered the composition curriculum with Mark André in 2011, then continued studying with Philippe Manoury, Daniel D’Adamo, Thierry Blondeau and Annette Schlüntz. She also received advice from Chaya Czernowin, Philippe Schoeller and Alberto Posadas. She holds a … Continue Reading »

Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan (b. 1995) is an experimental composer and bassist with recent work focusing on ideas of proximity, physicality, and spatial perception. He has studied with Marti Epstein, Steven Kazuo Takasugi, Marek Poliks, Aaron Helgeson, Curtis K. Hughes, and Jan Swafford. In addition, he has participated in lessons, masterclasses, and workshops with Stefano Gervasoni, Vinko Globokar, Rand … Continue Reading »