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Audition Information

Gospel Chorus performing at Hertz Hall

For information about Music 168 (private lessons for music majors) and other performance opportunities in the department, please scroll down.

Ensemble Audition Information

Music 116B/BM: Jazz Theory and Performance 2a
Contact Ben Goldberg at

Music 140: Javanese Gamelan
Prospective students are tested for ability to match pitch and rhythm in the first class meeting. New students attend section 1.

Music 141: University Symphony
Fill out the UCBSO Audition Form.

Music 142: University Wind Ensemble
Additional information and requirements can be found on the UCBWE page.

Music 143: Gospel Chorus
The Gospel Chorus is open to all students and community members, by audition only, as well as those students taking it for credit. Auditions take place during the first class, on Thursday, 27 August, from 6:00 to 9:00pm.  To register, please have a link to a video of yourself singing ready to share via the audition registration form.  Questions?  Contact Mark Wilson at

Music 144: University Chorus
All forms and audition information can be found here.

Music 145: Chamber Chorus
All forms and audition information can be found here.

Music 146B: Balinese Gamelan
Come to first class meeting – no formal audition required.

Music 148: African Music Ensemble
Come to first class meeting.

Music 149: University Baroque Ensemble
Contact Christine Brandes at to arrange an audition time.

Music 164: Currents in Improvised Music
Contact Professor Myra Melford

Music 165: Berkeley Nu Jazz Collective
Contact Professor Myra Melford

Music 168 Series Courses (Private Lessons) Audition Information

Please note that the Music 168 series (private lessons) are open to Music Majors only and an audition is required at the beginning of each semester. All students, both new and returning, who want to enroll in Music 168 must complete an online application. More information about the 168 program can be found on the Music 168 page.  Audition details are below:

Music 168A (orchestral instruments) 
See info regarding University Symphony: Music 141.

Music 168B (voice)
See info regarding University Chamber Chorus: Music 145.

Music 168C (piano)
Complete the audition form (including audition questions)

Music 168D (world music instruments) 
Please contact Professor Lester Hu to arrange an audition time. At the audition, students interested in Music 168D will be asked to perform a piece or section of a piece for the supervising faculty member. There is no standard for length or degree of difficulty. The supervising faculty member will discuss ensemble performance with the student, though that discussion will vary greatly, depending on the musical tradition to be studied. Choosing a 168 instructor is the responsibility of the student, but supervising faculty can provide guidance.

Music 168E (individual lessons in jazz and improvised music)
Complete the audition form for jazz lessons.

Music 168G (classical guitar)
Contact Matthew Hough at If you are interested in auditioning for jazz guitar, please audition for Music 168E instead of 168G. If you are not sure whether you want to audition for jazz or classical guitar, you may audition for both 168G and 168E and decide after you have been accepted into the 168 program.

Music 168H (Baroque instruments)
Contact Christine Brandes at to arrange an audition time.

Music 168I (organ)
Contact George Emblom, instructor, at to arrange an audition.

Other Performance Courses

Carillon study Music 41B
Auditions will not be held for carillon classes this Spring.  Those students already accepted into Music 41A or Music 41B can enroll in Music 41B, the only carillon course taught this semester.

Elementary Piano: Music 45M
For students who have taken the Musicianship Placement Exam and are enrolled in Music 52A, 52B, 152A and 152B. Review Elementary Piano Placement Information and complete an Audition Form.

Other performance opportunities

Noon concerts auditions
Auditions are not scheduled at this time.

Concerto auditions
Auditions are not scheduled at this time.

Summer Symphony auditions
Auditions take place in mid-to-late June of each year. See summer symphony page for details.

Piano competition
This is a biennial competition. No auditions are scheduled at this time.

DeCal classes
For policies for participation and audition information about any required auditions, check the DeCal website under “find a course” at the beginning of each semester.

Student Musical Activities (SMA)
Check the SMA website for specific audition information for each group.