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Undergraduate Degree Program

The Department of Music grants a B.A. degree in music and a minor in music. We are dedicated to a liberal education in the arts and humanities, and thus involve students in all aspects of the study of music-theoretical and creative studies, historical and cultural studies, music and technology, and performance. Our curriculum is responsive to the interests of a diverse student body, and we pride ourselves on offering a broad and flexible program.

Professor Mary Ann Smart lecturing in Hertz Hall

The major may serve as pre-professional training for the student seeking a career in music or provide a lasting source of enrichment for the student with other career goals. Prospective majors are asked to demonstrate a minimum standard of musical literacy in a placement test. Since we are a Department of Music rather than a School of Music, a performance audition is not required to declare the major. Lower-division studies are intended to provide grounding in the skills of musicianship and harmony and a broad background in the literature and practices of European and a variety of other music. Upper division students may choose from an extensive selection of elective courses to create an individual course of study according to their own interests. The department offers an honors program in which a major in the senior year may develop a special honors project working with a faculty adviser in any area of music studies.

There are a large number of double majors in the department representing fields such as Molecular and Cell Biology, Computer Science, Rhetoric, Physics, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, Political Economy of Industrial Societies, English, and Business Administration, to just name a few.