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Edmund Campion

Professor, Composition
Instrumental and orchestral composition, hybrid acoustic and electronic music, musical applications of computer technologies, installation art, collaborative art

Delia Casadei

Assistant Professor, Musicology
Voice, twentieth-century music, ideologies of language, sound studies, modernism

Carmine-Emanuele Cella

Assistant Professor
Instrumental and orchestral composition, smart instruments and hybdrid electroacoustic music, mathematical models for sound and signals, research on computer music technologies

Wei Cheng

Director of Choral Programs
Choral, repertoire, performance, conducting technique, new music

Cindy Cox

Professor, Composition
Contemporary music, piano, music technology, electronic music, opera, orchestra, chamber music

James Q. Davies

Professor, Musicology
nineteenth-century music, global music history, embodiment, political ecology, voice studies

Jocelyne Guilbault

Professor, Ethnomusicology
Theory and methodology in popular music studies, aesthetics and politics, music industries, diasporic formations, French- and English-Speaking Caribbean

Matthew Hough

Associate Professor (Teaching)
composition, theory, performance

Lester Hu

Assistant Professor, Musicology
Early Modern period (Renaissance/Baroque/late-imperial), global music history, songs and opera, music and empire-building, notation and grammatology, tuning

Nicholas Mathew

Professor, Musicology
Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century music in Europe and its colonies, music and politics, the political economy of sound media, music and materialism, pianos and pianism

Myra Melford

Professor, Composition and Performance
Improvisation, piano, jazz, experimental, chamber music

David Milnes

Professor, Conductor, Department Chair
Orchestra and small music ensembles, classical and avant-garde repertoires, conducting technique

Mary Ann Smart

Professor, Musicology
Performance studies, music & politics, opera, gender & sexuality in music, sociology of music

Ken Ueno

Professor, Composition
Instrumental and orchestral composition, extended vocal techniques, experimental improvisation, sound art/installation, "instrumentalizing" architecture, hacked instruments,

Emily Zazulia

Associate Professor, Musicology
Medieval, renaissance, music notation, history of music theory