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Giving to Music

As a distinguished member of the Arts & Humanities division of the College of Letters and Science, the Department of Music has long been recognized as a vital contributor to Berkeley’s tradition of excellence. Your contribution will enable our many and diverse academic activities to flourish and grow.

Among the opportunities for supporting the department that are enumerated on this website, we hope that you will find a match for your particular interests. Those opportunities range widely.

How to Give to Music:

Give to the Music Department online.

Gifts by mail can be sent to:

Department of Music
University of California, Berkeley
104 Morrison Hall # 1200
Berkeley, CA 94720-1200

For information about targeting your donation for a specific purpose, please contact Alex Coughlin in the Department of Music or University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR)

Support for Performance

We seek to sustain and increase the opportunities for musical experience and performance study for students at the University of California, Berkeley. Read about performance experience and study in the department of music on the performance opportunities page.

A gift to the Performance Endowment Fund supports the department’s Noon Concert series, and enables the series to remain free and open to the public.

If you prefer to support the evening concert series, you may designate your gift to a particular department ensemble. Gifts to ensembles will help finance a featured guest artist, purchase and rental of scores, and other costs related to evening ensemble performances. Performance ensembles provide students the discipline and joy of experiencing music with other musicians.

The department ensembles that you can help support are:

  • African Music Ensemble
  • Berkeley Musicianship
  • Carillon Instrument fund
  • New Music at Berkeley – graduate composition student concerts
  • Javanese & Balinese Gamelan
  • Jazz & Contemporary Improvised Music
  • University Baroque Ensemble
  • University Chorus
  • University Chamber Chorus
  • University Gospel Chorus
  • University Symphony Orchestra

Gifts to these programs must be sent via check to:

Department of Music
University of California, Berkeley
104 Morrison Hall # 1200
Berkeley, CA 94720-1200

Please specify the program you wish to support.

Support for Instrumental Instruction

The Department underwrites – to the extent it can manage – private instruction with distinguished Bay Area artists for our most skilled music majors. Instruction is currently offered in over 35 instruments such as in voice, lute, viola da gamba and carillon. If your interest is in supporting instrumental instruction, please donate to the Student Music Training fund.

If you would like to support instruction in piano, a particularly popular instrument with our students, your gift of any size to the Piano Endowment Fund will foster piano instruction in perpetuity. If you would like to support this fund please donate to the Piano Endowment Fund.

Chair’s Discretionary Fund

Any gift that is not designated for a particular activity or project will be directed to the Chair’s Discretionary Fund.

Gifts to the Chair’s Discretionary Fund provide the Chairperson with valuable resources that are used strategically to enhance the Department’s program. They provide the flexibility to invite a distinguished visiting scholar to make an extra presentation for faculty, students and the community; support a symposium organized by an inspired faculty member; or encourage graduate students to pursue interdisciplinary learning opportunities such as symposia.

Support for Faculty

UC Berkeley is founded upon an unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence in research and a commitment to teaching and advancing knowledge at the highest level of scholarship. The Department of Music hires some of the best faculty in the world. Private support has proven to be key to hiring – and also retaining – our stellar faculty as well as providing funding needed to support research and teaching.

For information about targeting your donation for an Endowed Chairship, please contact the University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR)

Support for dedicated rehearsal and performance spaces

The conversion of the old library stacks space on the second floor of Morrison Hall to a rehearsal space filled an important need to accommodate the growing needs of our department ensembles, while reducing the impact on an overburdened Hertz Hall. Much of our ensemble rehearsals have taken place in practice rooms, in classrooms designed for lectures, in hallways – anywhere that will accommodate smaller musical groups. There is more work to be done to adapt this liberated space, now renamed “The Loft” to the needs of the ensembles that use it. Your donation can help make this happen.

The Practice Rooms serve students, faculty and staff from all over campus, and are badly in need of new pianos, and a coat of paint. Your donation to the practice rooms could help upgrade this important space.

To get a tour of the Department, or for information about targeting your donation for The Loft or the Practice Rooms, please contact Mark Shaw in the Department of Music, 510.643.8723, as well as University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR)