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Student Learning Goals for the Music Major

Berkeley Music majors are expected:

To acquire knowledge and understanding of music in an integrated way—through creative music research and practice, musicology, and ethnomusicology. These studies prepare students to pursue a career in some aspect of music or to maintain music as a central part of their lives.

To cultivate musical creativity and scholarly inquiry, by completing the three required lower-division courses (Music 70, 80 and 90).

To further develop skills of critical thinking and writing about music history and ethnomusicology (upper-division electives in Musicology and Ethnomusicology).

To engage more deeply in cutting-edge music research and practice (upper-division electives in Making Music).

To gain ensemble performance experience (upper-division electives in performance).

To exercise student agency and choice, charting a path through the Music curriculum culminating in a capstone project that is personally meaningful, centered on their own interests and purpose.