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Cal Week

Newly Admitted Students can still explore UC Berkeley during Cal Week, Berkeley’s first virtual open house, April 18-24.

As part of Berkeley’s ongoing effort to take proactive measures to limit the potential spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in our community, Cal Day which was scheduled for April 18, has been canceled.

Berkeley Music will be offering a number of opportunities online for Cal Week 2020 including prospective student Q&A’s, archived performances, and multimedia galleries.


Prospective Student Q&A

In light of Cal Day being canceled due to Covid-19, the Music Department Undergraduate Committee (UGC) recognizes that many of you are missing out on a chance to get to know the departments you’re interested in before committing to Cal. At Cal Day, the Music Department normally provides a space to ask questions about the curriculum, see ensemble performances, meet students, and more. Therefore, the UGC has decided to host two Virtual Cal Day Zoom meetings this Saturday 4/18, at 10am and 5pm PST for one hour each. The UGC is composed of students and faculty members committed to supporting undergraduate music students, and we hope that this Q&A panel can help students transition to college more smoothly during this difficult time.

Archived Performances

Most Cal Days feature a wide variety of concerts and performances. Below is a catalog of talks and performances by a variety of Berkeley Music faculty and affiliates:



Ben Brinner

Gamelan Gadhon at Berkeley’s Freight and Salvage

Sekatian, Balinese gamelan semar pegulingan at UC Berkeley

Edmund Campion 

To view a visualization of the videos recorded by CIRMMT

World Premiere Performance of “Audible Numbers” by Edmund Campion

Ensemble Linea – Auditory Fictions

Edmund Campion : “Losing Touch” par Emmanuel Curt

Carmine Cella

(*1976) “Verso la fine del Giorno“–wNrITg

“Mogees” from Music Tech Fest

From signal representations to musical creation at IRCAM

Cindy Cox

“Wave” Ann Miller, Nina Flyer, Sonia Leong,

“Shape of the Shell” performed by bass clarinetist Laura Carmichael

“Elegy” Robert Hunt Simonds, Violin

Jocelyne Guilbault

MMaP Lecture Series: “The Political Economy of Music and Sound”

Matthew Hough

“Herzlich” for organ

“Three Voices”

“New York Song”

Nicholas Mathew

Urban Space, Spectacle, Memory and Music in Nineteenth-Century Vienna

Myra Melford
THE STRAWBERRY (from HANDUL OF KEYS) – JLCO with Wynton Marsalis ft. Myra Melford

Beyond Category: Myra Melford

Jazz & Wine Of Peace 2015

Freedom and Form from New Music USA

David Milnes

Between Acts: Professor David Milnes talks eco ensemble

Scott Rubin – “Kerosene Palace” – UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, dir. David Milnes

T. Carlis Roberts 

“A Lonelier Woman”

Performance/Pieces: 8 Star – T. Carlis Roberts and Anand Jay Kalra

Maria Sonevytsky

Wild Music: Ethnic Intimacy, Auto-Exoticism, and Infrastructural Activism

Maria Sonevytsky & the Debutante Hour – “Cheremoshe”

With Franz Nicolay at Yugong Yishan

Ken Ueno

UC Berkeley Lecture, intro to his art philosophy

“On a Sufficient Condition for the Existence of Most Specific Hypothesis”

“Jepson Satellite”

Nemo Ensemble Self-Interview

Alumni, students, instructors 

Performance/talk by Leyla Kabuli at TEDxBerkeley

Jenny Chai:

Andy Akiho Karakurenai (Crimson) 5’36


Andy Akiho The War Below 9’07


Jaroslaw Kapuscinski Oli’s Dream 7’41


Jaroslaw Kapuscinski Side Effects 16’30


Jaroslaw Kapuscinski Calligraphy for Ziqi 13”


Ligeti Musica Ricercata No.1 2’36


Ligeti Musica Ricercata No. 7 3”


Cole Ingraham Entropy 1 3”


Jaroslaw Kapuscinski Oli’s Dream 7’41


Jaroslaw Kapuscinski Side Effects 16’30


Jaroslaw Kapuscinski Calligraphy for Ziqi 13”

Betty Woo

F# minor Prelude and Fugue from Well-Tempered Clavier Bk 2, alittle over 7 min. 

The following are the A-flat major and G# minor Preludes and Fugues, about 14 1/2  minutes

The following are the G major and G minor Preludes and Fugues with introductory comments, about 10 1/2 minutes