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Remembering Helen Farnsworth (1914–2014)

Between 1939 and 2005, the Music Department had just two managers, Helen Farnsworth and myself. We saw the Department through decades of change in the University, the workplace, and the world. The music was the constant, and the challenges of maintaining ambitious and increasingly complex and diverse programs were easily eclipsed by the rewards. A … Continue Reading »

HookTheory, what makes pop, pop?

As UC Berkeley’s iconic music venue, Hertz Hall was selected as a photo backdrop for a musically related article pun-tastically titled, “What makes pop, pop?.” The piece features the research of three Engineering graduate students, bridging the world of technology research and application with music. In a recent article in NewsCenter, Nate Seltenrich described how … Continue Reading »

Morrison Hall: Watch this space

“It looks so different! It’s great!” “I love the new office!” These are some of the comments we have been hearing as we near completion of a remodeling project that has completely altered the shape and feel of half of Morrison Hall’s top floor. Planning to renovate the space began even before the library moved … Continue Reading »

Welcome new teaching faculty Professor Matthew Hough

Matthew Hough Assistant Teaching Professor Matthew Hough is excited to join the Music Department as an Assistant Teaching Professor after spending the last sixteen years in New York City. In addition to his work as a composer and guitarist, Hough enjoys writing about a diverse range of music subjects including musicianship, music theory and composition … Continue Reading »

Carla Shapreau, curator of the Salz Collection

Carla Shapreau is the new curator of the Salz Collection of Stringed Instruments. She brings to this position a background of violin making, restoration, and service as a Board member and advisor to the non-profit American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers and the Violin Society of America. Co-author of Violin Fraud — Deception, Forgery, … Continue Reading »

Stefano Flavoni, BA 2015, Music

Stefano Flavoni (BA, 2015), conducting student of David Milnes and Marika Kuzma and 2015 recipient of the Eisner Prize, has recently begun tenure as conductor of the China National Welfare Institute Children’s Choir, centered in Shanghai. Though he began his work there in early September, his appointment came this past June after conducting the South Carolina … Continue Reading »

Cindy Cox

In addition to serving as department chair in the Music Department, Professor Cindy Cox has also had a busy year with performances of her works across the world. In April, there was a portrait concert in Shanghai, China at the Oriental Arts Center of “La cigüeña” and “Mallets,” Playing a round, Hishuk ish ts’walk, and … Continue Reading »

Bach B Minor Mass

The University Chamber Chorus, directed by Marika Kuzma, performed Bach’s monumental masterpiece, the B Minor Mass in April 2015 at UC Berkeley’s Hertz Hall. Oakland Tribute reviewer Martin Snapp writes: “It is the first time they’ve performed it since 1999 (and it might very well be the last as it is such a massive undertaking). … Continue Reading »

Elevating Berkeley's creative culture, an idea whose time has come.

Students from many academic disciplines at Berkeley are the focus of a new arts and design immersive initiative that introduces science, technology, engineering, and math students to arts and design, via a new Big Ideas course,  “Thinking Across the Arts and Design at Berkeley,” but of a major new effort at Berkeley called the Arts + Design Initiative. … Continue Reading »

2018 Bloch Lecturer: Martin Matalon

Prize-winning Argentine composer and musician Martin Matalon will visit UC Berkeley in late April and early May for a pair of lectures, rehearsals with the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, and a production of Foxtrot Delirium featuring “The Oyster Princess” by Ernst Lubitsch with UC Berkeley’s adventurous ECO Ensemble. Born in Buenos Aires in 1958, Matalon … Continue Reading »