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Practice Rooms

Welcome to the Practice Room Community!

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Due to the delay of in-person instruction, card key access will not be required for practice room use until Tuesday, 2/15/2022 (day after Valentine’s Day)


Located on the ground floor of Morrison Hall, the music practice rooms at Berkeley consist of 33 small rooms, most with a single piano, as well as five larger grand rooms which double as teaching studios and an organ/early music practice room. The grand rooms are called as such because they contain grand pianos (three of the five rooms have 2 pianos). In addition, the student lounge (Rm. 8) is open for students to recuperate or socialize from 8am to 8pm on weekdays, and can be reserved on weekday evenings as a meeting or practice room suited for choral music and chamber ensemble practice. Access to all practice rooms (excluding the student lounge) is by Card Key only.

Access to the practice rooms is a privilege which bears with it some responsibilities. The Music Department needs you to be a respectful, responsible community member for this access to work.

Here’s what you can expect when you come to the practice rooms:

  • A clean room;
  • If the room has a piano, that piano has been tuned within the last four months. Note that does not guarantee the piano will be in tune.

Here’s what we consider to be responsible community membership:

  • Follow the terms and conditions of use;
  • Leave practice rooms clean;
  • Respect other users’ rights;
  • Use the Suggestion Box by the corridor door (all reports can be anonymous):
    • Report when a practice room is not left clean;
    • Report when a piano needs attention (this does not necessarily mean tuning, primarily it means a mechanical problem: e.g., a key doesn’t work, a pedal doesn’t work, etc.);
    • Report when other community members are not following the terms of use – this is critical to maintaining a safe and functioning practice room program.

Thanks for your help in maintaining the practice room community.

Who Can Use Practice Rooms?

The practice rooms are for the exclusive use of registered Cal students, currently employed staff and faculty during the academic year. Community members of department-sponsored ensembles may also use the practice rooms. (Not eligible: Cal alumni and members of the public.)

Practice Room User Groups

  • A Users: declared music majors, intended music majors who have filed an Intent to Declare form*, music graduate students, and music faculty/staff.
  • B Users: members of specific department-sponsored ensembles** requiring practice rooms, and students enrolled in certain music courses as specified in the list*** below.
  • C Users: registered Cal students, staff, or faculty not in either of the above categories.

Designations (A, B, C) regulate the flow of users to ensure that members of the A and B User groups have priority as well as to ensure that the practice rooms are not overcrowded. Access privileges associated with each user group are programmed accordingly on the users’ Cal 1 Card.

Rm. 27 is reserved for A Users who are enrolled in Music 167C and Music 168C for the semester.

*Intended music majors who have filed an Intent to Declare form refers to students:

  1. Who have taken the Musicianship Placement Exam and placed in the Music Major sequence of Musicianship courses; AND
  2. Have submitted the Intent to Declare the Music Major Form; AND
  3. Are enrolled in the courses required for major declaration or agreed upon in the Intent to Declare Form.

**Community members who participate in the following department-sponsored ensembles qualify as B Users:

  • University of California Berkeley Symphony Orchestra (Music 141)
  • University Wind Ensemble (Music 142)
  • Gospel Chorus (Music 143)
  • University Chorus (Music 144)
  • Chamber Chorus (Music 145)
  • University Baroque Ensemble (Music 149)
  • Nu Jazz Collective (Music 165)

***Students enrolled in the following courses qualify as B Users:

    • Music 20A
    • Music 25
    • Music 44
    • Music 45M (other than A Users)
    • Music 52A (other than A Users)
    • Music 52B (other than A Users)

  • Music 53A (other than A Users)
  • Music 53B (other than A Users)
  • Music 116A/AM (other than A Users)
  • Music 116B/BM (other than A Users)
  • Music 141 (other than A Users)
  • Music 142 (other than A Users)
  • Music 143 (other than A Users)
  • Music 144 (other than A Users)
  • Music 145 (other than A Users)
  • Music 149 (other than A Users)
  • Music 164 (other than A Users)
  • Music 165 (other than A Users)

Practice Room Hours

A & B Users: 8am-10pm, 7 days a week
(A Users can apply for 24-hour access–see information below.)
C Users: Monday-Friday, 8-10am & 4-10pm; Saturday & Sunday, 8am-10pm [Note: C Users are not permitted to use the practice rooms between 10am-4pm on weekdays. This is on the honor system – if a C User is found to be using the practice rooms during restricted hours, they will be warned and access may be terminated. Please see section 4 in the Terms and Conditions below.]
During the first two weeks of instruction, all practice rooms except for Grand rooms are open to all UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff on a first-come, first-use basis. Grand rooms remain restricted to A users with existing card key access.
When classes are not in session, the practice rooms are typically open 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, and closed on weekends. Users must access the building through the east entrance (Hertz breezeway side). Regular hours typically resume on the first day of the semester, which is one week before the first day of instruction.
The practice rooms are closed on all campus holidays and during the Energy Curtailment Period* in the winter.
Please see UC Berkeley academic calendar here and select the appropriate term.
The Energy Curtailment Period typically begins at the end of the business day preceding December 24 through January 1. If either date falls on a weekend, the period also includes the rest of the weekend. For example, if December 24 falls on Sunday, the Energy Curtailment Period begins at the end of the business day on Friday, December 22, and the building is closed at 5pm.

After-Hour Access

Only A Users are are eligible for after-hour access to practice rooms, and are automatically enrolled after filling out the Practice Room User Registration Application.

Practice Room Fee and Card Key Access

Practice Room Fee

A Practice Room Fee in the amount of $20 per semester is required for B and C Users. The fee is non-prorated, and due prior to granting of Card Key access. A Users are exempt from this fee.

Students in the B and C user group may apply for a fee waiver based on the following standard campus criteria:

  • Students who receive Pell Grants. Pell Grants are awarded by the federal government to students who meet guidelines for low-income eligibility.
  • Students with a documented significant hardship, such as health issues, victim of property theft, family emergency or circumstances.

To request a fee waiver, please email with a letter of request, addressed “Practice Room Fee Waiver Request.” The letter of request should include your full name, SID #, email address, and an explanation of your circumstances and why you qualify. Examples of appropriate documentation may include the students’ financial aid offer letters (for Pell Grant recipients), health statement from doctor, police report, letter from faculty or staff member with knowledge of the hardship, etc.

B and C Users may request a refund within 1 week of payment if they have not used the practice rooms at all in the interim. Once a room has been accessed, refunds cannot be given. Send refund requests to

Card Key Access

All practice rooms are by card key access only. To register your Cal 1 Card:

  1. Complete the Practice Room User Registration Application. You will receive an email confirmation; retain this email.
  2. If you are not in the A User group, complete the $20 payment online at and forward your email receipt to
  3. Bring your Cal 1 Card and the confirmation email to the Practice Desk during designated hours to register your card.
  4. After completing the card registration, your access will be programmed to the practice rooms to which you are entitled access. Note that access to Grand Rooms is limited.
  5. Starting the next day, you will be able to use your Cal 1 Card to access the practice rooms. Note that programming of access is an overnight process.

Card key registration is only available during designated hours and will change every semester.

Terms and Conditions for Card Key Access and Practice Room Usage

By applying for card key access and/or accessing a practice room, you have agreed to the following terms and conditions.

The UC Berkeley ID card with key card access to the practice rooms is hereafter referred to as “University of California Card Key.”

1. I will report the loss/theft of any University of California Card Keys immediately to the Music Department Office, and Cal 1 Card Office.

2. I will not lend or give my University of California Card Key to anyone, nor will I allow access to any department facilities to unauthorized users without specific advance permission from the Music Department staff. This includes letting others into a locked room for any reason.

3. I will not use my University of California Card Key for any purpose other than for which it was issued.

4. I understand that my access to Music Department practice rooms will be withdrawn when due, upon separation from the University, due to other pertinent reasons, or if I fail to comply with terms and conditions of use. I also understand my access to Music Department practice rooms will be revised if my eligibility for a certain user group changes.

  • I understand that 3 incidents of non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions for Card Key Access and Practice Room Usage will result in termination of my access to the practice rooms for the remainder of the semester. I further understand that, if I paid the Practice Room Fee and my access is terminated due to non-compliance, my payment will not be refunded.

5. I understand that my access to Music Department practice rooms will discontinue at the end of the academic semester, end of employment, or termination of my student status, whichever is earlier, unless other arrangements are made.

6. I understand that if my access to Music Department practice rooms has been withdrawn due to violation of the terms of conditions, reinstatement of suspended card key privileges may be approved only by the Department Chair or Manager.

7. I understand that unlawful possession of any University of California Card Key is a misdemeanor per Section 469 of the Penal Code.

8. I will not put paper over the door window when I use the practice room.

9. I will not bring food or beverage into a practice room. I will not smoke in the practice room. Plain water in a securely closed container is allowable except on any instrument.

10. I will not move insulation panels in the practice room.

11. I will close the door and make sure that it is securely locked behind me as I leave the practice room.

12. I understand that no private teaching is allowed in the practice rooms except by department instructors.

13. I understand that minors are not allowed in the practice rooms unless special insurance requirements are met. Note: this does not apply to UC Berkeley students who are minors.

14. I understand that any personal property left unattended in the room for any amount of time is at risk of loss, damage, or theft. I further understand that the Music Department is not responsible for lost or damaged properties.

15. I agree to not intrude on other users already in a practice room.

16. I understand that my user status (A, B, or C User) is assessed and verified by the Practice Desk Staff according to guidelines posted on the Music Department website: I understand that the Practice Desk Staff will determine my corresponding Practice Room Fee and user privilege accordingly.

17. I agree to leave the practice room at the end of the hours designated to my user group. Practice Rooms hours are posted on the Music Department website:
[Applicable to B and C Users only] I will not occupy a practice room between 10pm and 8am, Monday through Sunday.
[Applicable to C Users only] Additionally, I will not occupy a practice room between 10am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.

18. [Applicable to B and C Users only] I agree to pay the $20 Practice Room Fee to use the practice rooms. I understand that the Practice Room Fee is assessed per academic semester and due prior to use of practice rooms is granted at the beginning of each semester.

19. I understand that the use of Music Department practice rooms is a privilege. I agree to be an honest, respectful, and responsible member of the practice room user community; I agree to take personal responsibilities in contributing to, maintaining, and protecting all practice room facilities, equipments, and instruments therewithin.

Reservation and Use of Grand Rooms


Who can use the Grand Piano Rooms:

Only A Users, department instructors (Teachers of Special Programs), and Noon Concert pianists may use the Grand Piano Rooms (Rms. 50, 51, 64, 65). A Users who are enrolled in Music 150C may additionally use Rm. 27.

Who can reserve the Grand Piano Rooms:

  • Department instructors (Teachers of Special Programs).
  • Noon Concert pianists may make reservations only during the semester in which they are scheduled to perform, up until their performance date.
  • Ensembles auditioning for the Noon Concert may make reservations only in the weeks preceding their audition date.
  • A Users coordinating a chamber ensemble rehearsal.

Reservation Policies:

  1. Submit all reservation requests with a minimum of 3 business days notice.
  2. [Fill out this form]
  3. One-time reservations of up to two hours at a time, can be made up to two weeks in advance.
  4. Email to cancel your reservation as soon as possible. Recurrent no-shows may result in revocation of reservation privilege.
  5. Unused reservations are forfeited 15 minutes past the start time.
  6. Use of Grand Piano Rooms by reservations is governed by Terms and Conditions for Card Key Access and Practice Room Usage.

Semester-permanent reservations:

  • Department instructors (Teachers of Special Programs) and Musicianship instructors (Music 20A/B) may make recurrent reservations of the grand rooms for the semester.

Student Lounge reservations:

Student musical groups may reserve the Student Lounge (Rm. 8) between 8pm and 10pm on weekdays, for up to 2 hours per reservation. Recurring reservations may be made once every two weeks. Additional reservations may be made in the preceding week based on space availability.


Lockers of varying size are available for academic-year assignment. They are distributed at the beginning of fall semester (distribution hours are posted in the department), spring semester (if available), and summer session.

To request a locker, complete the Locker Registration Application.

Lockers are prioritized for music majors and those enrolled in music ensembles the first two weeks of school. After these two weeks, lockers will be assigned based on availability. Students who have completed the Locker Registration Application should receive a confirmation email when their application is approved.

All lockers must be cleared by noon on the last Wednesday of each semester. Larger instrument lockers are in shorter supply so music majors and ensemble members have priority. Private locks may not be used (and will be cut off). Store articles in lockers at owner’s risk; the department is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

As lockers are heavily used in the summer by the Summer Symphony, everyone must clear lockers by the last Wednesday of spring semester and summer semester. The contents of uncleared lockers, instruments excepted, will be disposed of.