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Jazz and Contemporary Improvised Music Studies

Students, both graduate and undergraduate, interested in the performance, composition, arrangement, and critical studies of Jazz & Contemporary Improvised Music have a number of opportunities to pursue their interests. All except Music 128 culminate in performance usually at the end of the semester. Participation is by permission of the instructor. All courses are open to both majors & non-majors.

Myra Melford teaching jazz and improvisation


Courses include:

  • Introduction to Improvisation (Music 43)
  • Jazz Theory and Performance (Music 116A & B)
  • Topics in contemporary Improvised Music (Music 128S/SM)
  • Contemporary Improvisation Ensemble (Music 147)
  • Private and Ensemble Instruction in Jazz & Improvisation (Music 150E)
  • Current Trends in Improvised Music: A Jazz Performance Workshop (Music 164)
  • Graduate Composers and Improvisers Interdisciplinary Workshop (Music 210)
  • Independent studies in jazz & contemporary improvised music (Music 199 & 299)

Instructors: Myra Melford teaches all of the above listed courses except for 116A & B which are taught by Christy Dana.