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Audition Information

Hertz Hall Green Room

African Music Ensemble: Music 148
Come to first class meeting.

Balinese Gamelan: Music 146B
Come to first class meeting for audition.

Gospel Chorus: Music 143
The Gospel Chorus is open to all students and community members, by audition only, as well as those students taking it for credit. Sign up outside the Music Dept. Office (104 Morrison)
10-minute slots
Tuesday, 8/21, 6-9pm
Thursday, 8/23, 6-9pm
Auditions in Room 125 Morrison Hall

Javanese Gamelan: Music 140
Prospective students are tested for ability to match pitch and rhythm in the first class meeting. New students attend section 1.

University Baroque Ensemble: Music 149
Fall 2019 auditions will be held in Morrison 116 on  Wednesday, August 21 from 2:00-6:00pm and Thursday, August 22 from 10-1:00pm. Please sign up here.  Players should prepare a piece of baroque music by Handel, Bach, Vivaldi, or something comparable. For questions please contact Carla Moore, or Katherine Heater,

University Chamber Chorus: Music 145

Auditions will be held August 28-30 2019.

Sign up at:

University Chorus: Music 144  

Auditions will be held August 28-30 2019.

Sign up at:

University Chorus is open to all students as well as members of the staff, faculty, and university community.

All singer-musicians must audition in order to be admitted to the University Chorus.

Students interested in participating in 168B should sign up on for one of the times on the University Chorus audition sign-up sheet.

During the ten minute one-on-one audition session, singers auditioning for University Chorus will be asked to vocalize and sing scales with the director to demonstrate their range. Singers may be asked to read one or more short sight reading excerpts to determine musical ear and sight reading skill. We will evaluate all of your skills as a composite. Sometimes singers with excellent ears and a pleasant voice but less developed sight-reading are accepted. Sometimes singers with excellent musicianship skills but less vocal experience are accepted. Whatever your level of skill, we will help you find a singing home on campus either in University Chorus, Chamber Chorus, or in other choirs at Cal.

University Symphony: Music 141
Audition dates and times for University Symphony Orchestra for Fall 2019 are open and available. To sign-up for an audition, fill out the UCBSO Audition Form.

For your audition, please prepare a solo piece that demonstrates fast and slow playing (may be two different pieces or movements), along with the orchestral excerpts listed at this link (unless stated otherwise, ALL listed excerpts must be prepared).

University Wind Ensemble: Music 142
Auditions take place at the beginning of each semester. To sign up for an audition, please visit the bulletin board outside of 43 César Chavez Student Center at the beginning of the semester. Additional information, including audition requirements, can be found on the UCBWE page.

Performance Courses: 168 series

Beginning Spring Semester, 2019, Music 150 courses were renumbered to Music 168. Please note that Music 168 courses are open to Music Majors only and an audition is required. All students, both new and returning, who want to enroll in Music 168 must complete an online application that can be found on the Music 168 page.  Auditions take place at the very beginning of each semester. Details are below:

168A audition information
Incoming students taking the placement exam and other music majors must audition during the University Symphony audition times. If you are also auditioning to play in the orchestra, please see the requirements for orchestra auditions. Be sure to mention to Professor Milnes that you are interested in Music 168A during your audition time. At the audition, students should be prepared to discuss:

  • which chamber music piece they want to work on and what time of chamber music group they want to work with.
  • with which instructor the student would like to work (essentially confirming the choice the student made on their online application for 168 – or discussing alternatives).

Choosing a 168 instructor is the responsibility of the student, but supervising faculty can provide guidance.

168B audition information

Incoming or current students who have not already participated in 168B and are interested in receiving voice lesson should attend the walk in auditions on August 30th in Morrison Hall Room 125 from 10am-1pm. Write your name on the sign-in sheet when you arrive and you will be heard in the order of your arrival. Students that are unable to attend auditions on the 30th or are uncertain of whether they would like to participate in the 168B program as well as non-music majors that wish to be considered for voice lessons may also sign up for one of the Choral Audition times using the following doodle poll:

For information on the chorus audition process, see the University Chorus and/or Chamber Chorus websites. For the 168B audition, please prepare two contrasting pieces of your own choice from your previous vocal study: an artsong, aria, folk song, etc. No accompanist will be provided, however you are welcome to bring your own accompanist or to bring a recording: be sure to bring two extra copies of the music. At the audition, be prepared to discuss your aspirations as a singers, stylistic preferences, and previous singing experience. At the audition, students will be asked the name of the voice instructor they would prefer (see our roster). Students applying for the 168B program for the first time who would like assistance in choosing an instructor are highly encouraged to contact a voice teacher/voice teachers on our roster to schedule a sample lesson as soon as possible (at the instructor’s availability). Supervising faculty may provide guidance in selecting an instructor if the student so wishes, but choosing a 168 instructor is the responsibility of the student.

Students who wish to receive vocal instruction but are not Music Majors are encouraged to join the University Chorus or Chamber Chorus, both of which address vocal technique during rehearsals. Non Music Majors enrolled in University or Chamber Chorus who would like additional vocal instruction are highly encouraged to enroll in Music 14,Vocal Technique Class. For non-majors who are particularly serious about vocal study, some limited choral sponsored lessons may be available.


for the Music 168b Vocal Studies Program and University Baroque Ensemble staged production of Henry Purcell’s “Dido and Aeneas”

Auditions: Friday, January 18th from 12pm-2pm in Morrison Hall room 125. Additional audition times available on Tuesday, 1/22 from 1:30-2:30pm in room 265 – signup sheet on the board outside the office –

Performances: 5/3/19 and 5/5/19 in Hertz Hall

Rehearsals: Fridays 2-4pm

Auditions for all roles are open to university students as well as members of the greater UC Berkeley community.

Audition Requirements: One 16th, 17th or early 18th century english song or aria such as a Purcell song or Dowland lute song performed from memory or one 16th, 17th or 18th century song or aria in another language in addition to a second song (folk song or art song) in English, both from memory.

An audition sign-up sheet is posted outside the Music Office on the first floor of Morrison Hall.

All Music 168b students will participate in the production, however, auditions are required in order to be considered for lead roles. Students or community members unable to attend the auditions on 1/18 are welcome to write to Nikolas Nackley at to arrange for a makeup audition in the next week.

168C audition information

Please be prepared to play two pieces of contrasting period and tempo by two different composers. Can be a movement or a part of a piece. From the standard keyboard repertoire. Please time it within 10 minutes. We may cut you off because of the time limit. Please sign up for a time slot at by clicking the link below:


168D audition information: At the audition, students interested in Music 168D will be asked to perform a piece or section of a piece for the supervising faculty member. There is no standard for length or degree of difficulty. The supervising faculty member will discuss ensemble performance with the student, though that discussion will vary greatly, depending on the musical tradition to be studied. Choosing a 168 instructor is the responsibility of the student, but supervising faculty can provide guidance.

To arrange for a Music 168D audition please contact Professor Brinner at

168E audition information: Auditions are in Morrison Room 134 on Tuesday, August 27, 2019. Sign up on the bulletin board outside of 104 Morrison Hall (168E audition sheet). Returning students do not need to re-audition, but do need to contact Myra Melford at to confirm your continuation. To audition, prepare to improvise on a piece of your choosing and to demonstrate the theoretical knowledge you have on your instrument – scales, modes, chords; you will also be evaluated on recognition of scales and chords (ear) and ability to read music. If you would like accompaniment, please bring an accompanist or a backing CD. 168E encourages ensemble participation, but it is not required. Choosing a 168 instructor is the responsibility of the student, but supervising faculty can provide guidance.

168G audition information: Auditions for Music 168G are TBA. Please check back soon for more information. If you are interested in auditioning for jazz guitar, please audition for Music 168E not 168G. If you are not sure whether you want to audition for jazz or classical guitar, you may audition for both 168G and 168E and decide after the auditions and once you have been accepted into the 168 program. If you cannot make the audition time or for further information please contact Matthew Hough at

168H audition information: For Music 168H, please contact Christine Brandes at to arrange an audition time.

Other Performance Courses

Carillon study 40, 41A,B, 42
Beginning students must audition on the instrument or voice of their choice before being accepted into the carillon program. The audition consists of a slow and a rapid work of your selection, both of which you are comfortable playing. The purpose of the audition is to appraise your musicality under the most favorable circumstances possible. To audition contact the University Carillonist, Jeff Davis at

Music 116A/B and Music 116AM/BM: Jazz Theory and Performance 1
Auditions will be held during the first day of instruction. Sign up on the bulletin board outside of 104 Morrison Hall.

Music 165: Berkeley Nu Jazz Collective
Auditions for Fall semester 2018 are TBA. Sign up on the bulletin board outside of 104 Morrison Hall (168E, MUS 164 & MUS 165 audition sheet).

Other performance opportunities

Noon concerts auditions
Auditions are scheduled on Nov. 18, 2016  for performances in the following semester, and end of spring semester for performance in the following fall semester. Noon concert auditions are not open to the public.

Concerto auditions
Auditions for a chance to perform with the University Symphony Orchestra in Spring 2018 take place during Fall semester 2017. See link above for details. Concerto auditions are open to the public.

Summer Symphony auditions
Auditions take place in mid-to-late June of each year. See summer symphony page for 2018 details.

Piano competition
This is a biennial competition. No current auditions scheduled.

DeCal classes
For policies for participation and audition information about any required auditions, check the DeCal website under “find a course” at the beginning of each semester.

Student Musical Activities (SMA)
Check the SMA website for specific audition information for each group.