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Major Declaration

Professor Emeritus Karen Rosenak

All students intending to major in music must follow the Music placement procedure before beginning music major classes. This procedure places students in the musicianship and harmony sequences, and determines whether supplemental classes in piano are recommended.

Note that the Musicianship Placement Exam is administered once before the beginning of each semester; it is mandatory for prospective music majors and students should plan their school break accordingly in order to attend.

Major Declaration Procedure

In declare the Music Major, prospective students must:

  1. Place into Music 52A or higher via the Musicianship Placement Exam, and enroll in the course of placement.
  2. Submit the Music Major Application.
    • Students must place into Music 52A or higher to be eligible to apply.
    • Students who place into Music 20A should plan to complete the remedial course and retake the Musicianship Placement Exam to place into Music 52A, before submitting the application.
  3. Complete at least 3 required courses with a grade of C or above in each course. The 3 courses must represent 3 different areas of study:
    • Musicianship and Harmony (note that these two courses, together, are considered one area)
    • Music History (Music 70)
    • Musics of the World (Music 80)
    • Performance Ensemble

Deadline to submit the major application: Wednesday of second week of instruction at 4pm.

An Undergraduate Orientation is held once before the beginning of each semester. The orientation reviews important information such as placement exams, major requirements, program planning, major resources, and student life. It is imperative that prospective music majors make every possible effort to attend.

Major Declaration Timeline:

In cases where students do not complete all declaration requirements in one semester, applications will be on hold until all declaration requirements are satisfied.

Generally, students who were admitted as freshman are expected to declare within a maximum of two years; transfer students are expected to declare by the end of their first semester.

Because intended music majors must receive a grade of C or higher in each required course, they will be officially accepted into the major following the end of the semester in which all declaration requirements are satisfied.

If all declaration requirements are satisfied in… Decision will be available by
Fall semester Usually January of the following year
Spring semester Usually June
Summer semester Usually September