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Performance Courses

conductinPerformance plays an essential part in the life of the department, and all students are strongly encouraged to participate. The Music Department regularly offers two series of performance classes, plus additional courses that are offered on a rotating basis. Music majors must enroll in at least three performance ensembles from the 140 series or in conjunction with the 150 series.

140 series (2 units)

The department’s performance ensembles cater to a variety of interests and are open to all students, most by audition. Many are also open by audition to members of the community. All music majors must take a minimum of three performance ensembles to complete the requirements for the major. See list of courses for descriptions.

150 series (2-3 units)

A directed program of study that includes lessons and coaching in addition to ensemble performance; restricted to music majors; by audition.

See the Music 150 page for more details on the 150 series.

Please note that some auditions for 150 are separate from the auditions for the 140 series. Be sure to check the audition information for the appropriate class.

Other Performance Courses

Other music classes that involve performance and are offered on a rotating basis are listed below. For a comprehensive list of course offerings, check the online course catalog. For the current course schedule, check schedule of classes.

  • 40, 41, 42: Carillon Instruction
  • 43: Introduction to Improvisation
  • 44: Voice Class
  • 116A, B: Jazz Theory and Performance
  • 131-139: Courses on Musical Traditions of the World
  • 161A, B: Instrumental Conducting
  • 162: Choral Conducting
  • 164: Current Trends in Jazz & Improvisation-based Musics
  • 171D: Performance of Baroque Music
  • 189: Topics in Research and Performance

DeCal Classes

DeCal classes are offered for credit on topics not normally covered in the department’s curriculum. Topics vary.

Other Opportunities

In addition to the above music courses, there are many other opportunities to perform without course credit including Noon Concerts, Jazz and Contemporary Music Studies, Morrison Recitals, Undergraduate Composers Club, Concerto Auditions, Summer Symphony, and a semi-annual Piano Competition. Also on campus are extracurricular groups like Student Musical Activities which includes the UC Marching Band, Choral Ensembles, and Jazz Ensembles, and numerous other student-run music organizations.