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University Wind Ensemble

Course Number: Music 142
Matthew Sadowski, conductor

Spring 2019 Rehearsal Schedule:

  • Wind Ensemble I (Class #23541): MW, 4-6 PM
  • Wind Ensemble II (Class #23542): TTh, 4-6 PM

Location: Band Rehearsal Hall (BRH), Cesar Chavez Student Center

Members: Submit an Absence Request Form

Description and History

The UC Berkeley Wind Ensemble is offered for the study and practice of traditional and contemporary wind band repertoire. The Wind Ensemble’s long history at Cal dates back to before the 1930s, when the group was directed by Charles Cushing. In 1950, James Berdahl assumed the directorship and remained until the late 1970s. The Wind Ensemble’s activities were revived when Robert Calonico took over as Director of Bands in 1995. The Wind Ensemble performs regularly on campus and beyond, including at least once per semester in Hertz Hall.

Wind Ensemble I meets every fall and spring semester. Membership is attained by audition only. Spring auditions are generally waived for those who are admitted in the fall. WE I performs at least two evening and/or weekend concerts in Hertz Hall each semester, as well as one noon concert. WE I members may enroll in WE II on a secondary instrument with instructor approval. Students who audition for WE I but are not accepted are encouraged to enroll in WE II.

Wind Ensemble II meets only during each spring semester. While membership is open to all, a “no-cut” audition is still required for part assignments. You may audition for Wind Ensemble I & II simultaneously. WE II performs at least two evening and/or weekend concerts in Hertz Hall.

Participation & Audition Information

Admission to the UCBWE is by audition only. Auditions are open to everyone – UC Berkeley students, affiliates, and unaffiliated community members alike. Admitted students are expected to enroll in Wind Ensemble (Music 142) for credit; exceptions will be reviewed on an individual basis. Regular attendance at weekly rehearsals and participation in all public performances is required.

Auditions take place at the beginning of each semester. Visit the bulletin board outside of 43 César Chavez Student Center to schedule your audition.

Spring 2019 Auditions: January 22-26, 2019. Sign up for a time outside of 43 Chavez Student Center.

Audition information for all performance opportunities in the Music Department.

Upcoming Performances

Sunday, March 17, 2019  |  3:00 PM  |  Hertz Hall  |  Wind Ensemble I & II  |  Event Detail

Sunday, April 28, 2019  |  3:00 PM  |  Hertz Hall  |  Wind Ensemble I & II  |  Event Detail

Wednesday, May 1, 2019  |  12:15 PM  |  Hertz Hall  |  Wind Ensemble I  |  UCB Noon Concert Series  |  Event Detail

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Past Performances

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